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Iraq shells neighbour Kuwait

Iraqi troops opened fire across the border at neighbour, Kuwait, using a mortar and machine guns.

UN peacekeepers confirmed that Iraqi troops had launched a mortar round and shot across the border.

The mortar landed in the demilitarised zone causing no damage or injuries. No other details were immediately available

The attack comes ten years after the Gulf War, sparked by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's invasion of the oil-rich state.

The desert frontier between the two countries has been closed since a US-led coalition liberated Kuwait from the seven-month Iraqi occupation.

This is the first such border incident in several years.

United Nations observers patrol a demilitarised zone along the border. The zone extends three miles into Kuwait and six miles into Iraq. The area is barren and uninhabited. Ties between Kuwait and Baghdad are still severed.

-- Martin Thompson (, November 12, 2001


Divert from Afganistan 2 B-52's to unload along their front lines. Every action like this should see an immediatly responce. Failure to respond with action will further their resolve.

-- Thomas Bridgeman (tommy, November 12, 2001.

Those guys sure like to play with guns and weaponry. They are so barbaric, this is the only way they know how to communicate. Very un-cool!

-- jimmie-the-weed (, November 12, 2001.

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