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"London, Nov 9 - A press report, dated Nov 8, states: During the fire, which took place Wednesday (Nov 7) on board Russian research Morskoy Geofizik, 46 Japanese cars and over 1000 tires became worthless. The Vladivostok sea rescue and coordination centre stated that the vessel was making a commercial voyage from Japan to the Russian city of Vladivostok. The fire started at night of Nov 7, when the vessel was 15 miles off the coast. Thirty-nine members of the crew did their best to extinguish the fire, but it was in vain, so they sent a SOS signal and turned to the port of Otaru, RIA Novosti informed. Japanese rescuers came to help the Russian vessel: a part of the crew was evacuated on board the Japanese rescue boat and the others continued struggling with the fire. Four members of the crew suffered as a result of the fire, they were hospitalized with slight burns and carbon monoxide toxic gas poisoning."

-- Rich Marsh (, November 12, 2001

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