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Can I fit a Horseman Reflex viewer on th Toyo 4x5 Revolving back? It seems to be close in design. Anybody tried this? Thanks.

-- Steven S. Miric (, November 10, 2001



The answer is yes if you have the complete assembly.The horseman folding bino refelx viewer has 3 parts. Part 1.The hinged assembly fits hinge points on the back of a horseman or a Toyo (it fits on a VX125) and allows one to swing the viewer away from the camera to use a loupe. Part 2 is the reflex viewer body which fits onto the the hinged assembly (Part 1). This will not fit directly on a toyo (without part1). It will however fit the back of a Horseman or Sinar monorail. Part 3. Is the bino loupe hood which fits Part 2.

Hope this helps. jim

-- Jim Bancroft (, November 10, 2001.

Steven, Jim is right, the viewer is perfect on recent Toyos. It adjusts to the vertical frame too. All you will need is a tiny screwdriver to adjust the locking mechanism of the hinged frame. Easy.

I have used the reflex viewer and still have it, but I now prefer the straight viewer, for I can set the camera higher and still see inside. It is also smaller folded and lighter.

Kind regards, Paul

-- Paul Schilliger (, November 11, 2001.

Gentleman, thank you for the answers. Along the lines of Jim's answer: does this mean that Sinar made Reflex viewer can be put on VX125 with that hinged frame (part one of your assembly), and is it possible to buy that part separate (new or used)? By the way, if anybody has a Horseman or Toyo reflex viewer not in use, please let me know. As you see, I am looking for one. Thanks, Steven

-- Steven S. Miric (, November 11, 2001.

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