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Free plans and pictures to help you build your own off road go kart and mini buggies. This page is basicly a HowTo of off road go kart..

-- Sadik (, November 10, 2001


please can i see those plans if they cost any thing i don't want them if they don't cost a thing i would lke them as soon as pospial

-- ben jensen (, January 07, 2002.

just a kid gonna build a go-kart with my dad so only want them if free .cheers.

-- nick eavis (, January 17, 2002.

can u dend me some plans? i can't get any. thanks

-- samuel ian booth (, March 18, 2002.

i want to build a go kart. But don't have any plans. So could you please send them to me thank you.

-- justin lynema (, April 04, 2002.

I want the plans only if they're free of course. i'm building it with a friend and have barely any money to do it with. thanks!!!

-- davy o'reily (, May 07, 2002.

hey, me and my friends want to build a gokart this summer and i would like some plans, if they're free. thanks a lot.

-- Lee (, May 22, 2002.

i am trying to build a gokart with my dad so can you please emale the plans to me. thank you.please get to me as soon as posible. thank you

-- johnny ramos (, May 24, 2002.

Hello, my name is Bishop. For some time I have been looking for the plans or blue prints to make a Go-Kart. I would appreciate it if someone could send me information or blue prints.

-- Bishop Tekk (, May 27, 2002.

I've been searching the net and haven't found a thing. If these go- kart plans are really free, may I please have copy?

-- DeAnte' Toombs (, May 27, 2002.

If i could get a copy of those plans to that be great im going to bilud one with a friend over the summer thanks alot

-- Dave R (, June 08, 2002.

I need those go kart plans cause im building one this summer. could u please send them to me i really appreciate it.

-- mike peyerk (, June 09, 2002.

I am 15 years old and have not mechanical knowledge, so i thought how better to learn but to try and build a Go-Kart, to impress me mates. I would be great full if you could send me some free plans..!!

-- Daniel Mason (, June 11, 2002.

I need go kart plan so me and my dad can build one.

-- Brad Brad Brad (, June 12, 2002.

hi id like some free plans too im am just another kid looking to buuild a go kart with his dad for fun plz send me sdome plans

-- adam blakeney (, June 16, 2002.

Can I please have the GoKart plans. Me and my dad are building a GoKart and so far alls we have is part of a frame! This would help me out so much with my Father/Son bonding and help me heal from my Depression! Thank you so much! - Jon

-- Jon Samuel (, June 17, 2002.

Me and a couple friends are building a go kart and some plans would really help, so could you send me a copy of those plans I would appreciate it.

-- Billy Strand (, June 20, 2002.

I'm going to build a go-kart with my 2 friends over the summer and it would help if you could give me a copy.thanks

-- Muhammad Beedassy (, June 21, 2002.

I just want to build a very simple,low budget kart. All i wish to do is to coast down a big hill with no engine or specil parts. If you could send me some free kart plan that would be great. Thanks!!!

-- Dominic Tippin (, June 22, 2002.

I am looking for an offroad go kart that is like an 250cc atv, and that I can just have fun in. Please send me some plans if you could.

-- Kris Perryman (, June 28, 2002.

i am looking for plans for my scout troop please send some asap thanks

-- mark russell young (, June 29, 2002.

I have been looking for some plans and if they are free can you please send them to me.thanks

-- David (, June 30, 2002.

Could you please send us some plans to build a go-kart, so it gives me something to do over the summer. Cheers!!!!

-- Jon (, June 30, 2002.

Hey send some plans this way. I searched on but got nothing.

-- Daniel Escobedo (, June 30, 2002.

Please send me a free set of kart plans. Looks like a great project for me and my son.

-- Lane Robinson (, June 30, 2002.

can i have some plans please

-- Robert (, July 07, 2002.

go to this website its bin/SoftCart.exe/scstore/tsplus2/html?...

-- tom berg (, July 14, 2002.

go to

-- andrew poland (, July 21, 2002.

If someone has any plans that they know of to build a real cheeeeeep go kart(one that will at least run and steer), please tell me.


-- Kamdog (, July 23, 2002.

PLLEEAAZZEE send me some go-kart plans I am only 13 and I want to build a kart with my dad I have been looking for ages and I havent found anything does this world have a national shortage of go-kart plans anyway it would be much aprieciated if you would send me plans so I can start building and then start some racing and hopefully some winning thanks - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tom - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

-- Thomas Reid (, July 26, 2002.

I'd like to build a go-kart with my friends so we can have races and just plain fun. Your free plans would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

-- Andrew Sparks (, July 29, 2002.

Free Go kart Plans

have fun!

-- Sadik (, July 30, 2002.


-- Dick Isinya (, July 30, 2002.

hey! there some plans for sale at the plans are inepensive only $20.00 i bought a plan and they are very detailed.


-- jimmy (, August 12, 2002.

Im only 14 years of age with some mechanical expeirence but not much.I dont have any friends and Im bored to death I want to try to build a go-kart but I dont know how.Im on a tight budget of $300 that i have saved plz help some one.

-- DREW JACKSON (, August 12, 2002.

hi im 13 and i want to build a go kart with my dad and friends but i need some plans so if you have free ones e-mail me

-- Ross Reid (, August 18, 2002.

I was looking for a single seater plans with a v.w bug engine. I was going to weld it in autoshop and was wondering if you have or knowof free plans that you could send to me. Free plans would be great because I am looking to spend the least $ possible. thanks so much nathan

-- Nathan Polt (, August 28, 2002.

hi i would like some plans for a kart please. I started but i,m stuck , please help

-- Rashad hinds (, August 28, 2002.

I heard your plans are free could you send me some thanx

-- Anthony James Melanson (, September 04, 2002.

Hi, i am new to this stuff and i want to build one myself so can u please send me the plans thank you.

-- Joel Hurley (, September 05, 2002.

i would appreciate it if you could send me a copy of your plans and pictures to help me get started. thanks.

-- koby (, September 05, 2002.

just me and some friends trying to build a gokart to show our girlfriends we can build something cool. Its just going to be a present for our girls. So please send as the plans as soon as posible.

-- eddie vera (, September 08, 2002.

Hy. I´m 16 years old and I want to build a gokart with my friends, but we have no plan. So you please can send me one, thank you.

-- Jürgen Schweighart (, September 08, 2002.

I live in Finland, and i try to find some plans to do go-kart. I won't do it my own, but my werywell friend will. So please, would you send me plans?


-- Jouni Vasama (, September 09, 2002.




-- Chris Kuchciak (, September 09, 2002.

Allo j`aimerais bien pouvoir avoir des plan...


-- Charle Entreprise (, September 11, 2002.

Mother fuckers i got plans !! email me

-- Noca ando (, September 12, 2002.

can you please send me plans for a major school profect, thanks

-- matthew taylor (, September 13, 2002.

it would be awsome if i could get some of those plans for free, i've been lookin and finally found some free ones from you. so thanks.

-- billy joel (, September 15, 2002.

i would like a copy of the plans if they are free. Thanks

-- steven (, September 16, 2002.

would like to check out those plans thanks

-- Ron Richmond (, September 18, 2002.

Hey Can anyone out there who has plans email me. I really need cart plans and want to start asap at building it. As I am on a limited budget please only send me free plans. Thanks E-mail me:

-- Adnan Esmail (, September 19, 2002.

please i would like them to, the plans

-- john smith (, September 26, 2002.

Could tyou please send me the plans for your off road go-kart

-- Simon Michael (, September 30, 2002.


-- Rob (, September 30, 2002.


-- Raven Barker (, September 30, 2002.

Along with all the others, I am also attempting to build a go kart with my m8's , A offroad one. We have a couple of hundred pounds to blow on it. And a few good scrappies for a motorbike engine but duno what to do about brakes frame of steering! please send me the plans thanks!

-- Andy Sutcliffe (, October 02, 2002.

please send plans thanks

-- jim (, October 06, 2002.

I have no materials and am planning on making a go-kart out of wood and putting a engine on it could you give me ideas i am stuck.

-- James settle (, October 10, 2002.

i am planning to build a gocart with my 3.5 HP lawnmower engine. i would really appreciate some plans a pictures on this project thanx

-- Oleg (, October 11, 2002.


-- dick titty the fourth (, October 12, 2002.

I want to build a mini go kart for my 5 year old son. Preferably using a lawnmower motor. I'd appreciate it if anyone could supply me with some plans on how to build it from frame to a finished product.

-- john busby (, October 14, 2002.

please can i get some plans for a good kart.

-- chris craighead (, October 16, 2002.

please sendo me some plans to build an off-road go kart im a teenager so please send em

-- carlos aulenbacher (, October 18, 2002.

Hey Me and my dad are building a go kart and we need some blue prints if they're free please send me some I would really appreciate it. Thanx

-- Emilio Quiles (, October 29, 2002.

i would love free plans for a off road kart if you have any. thanks

-- Steven cole (, October 31, 2002.

could i also have some plans if they are free thanks in advance

-- Ben P (, October 31, 2002.

hey i'm looking to build a go kart for a science fair project using a lawn mower engine. can you send me some free plans if they're still available. any help would be appreiciated. thanks a lot.

-- Mark Harvey (, November 01, 2002.

Free plans and pictures to help you build your own off road go kart

-- christoventer (, November 03, 2002.

i'm just a kid gonna build a go-kart with my dad so only want them if free .cheers.

-- scott linday (, November 07, 2002.

any one got some free go kart plans! i am just a poor litl 7 year old who lives withe my grandpa, please i want something to do for cheap. james

-- james (, November 07, 2002.

if anyone has any plans could they please email them to me. thanks

-- simon (, November 11, 2002.

hey please send lamover go kart plans

-- andrew james flores (, November 13, 2002.

hey everyone, i got an address you can all cheek features 3 different karts but the arent suspension karts. it is the best site for an amature with slitly complex carts.n it shows you how to mount any engine throught to wheel hubs. check it out. if anyone has plans for an offroad kart, could you please send them to me thankyou for your time. the link is below. my email address is

-- Adam (, November 14, 2002.

I would like to receive the plans for the go karts if possible please. Thanx in advance!!

-- Vasya Ivanovich Kikabidze (, November 19, 2002.

Id like a copy of those plans please. Hope to build one in auto shop.

-- Bob Yankovich (, November 19, 2002.

can ya please send me some free plans and pics cause i'm makin' one with my freind if u would please send me them plans

-- jay sigley (, November 20, 2002.


-- FUCK FACE MAGEE (, November 24, 2002.

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I would suggest another year of Elementary School followed by a refresher course in English and contemporary American grammar. To respond with such hostility to others who simply aspire to increase their net worth by virtue of building their own project is heinous and immature! Someday you may also have a child [sic] who is seeking knowledge via the Internet and may a pompous and ignorant individual such as yourself confront them as you did these people. I leave you with a plea…. Please stop embarrassing your parents and grow up, if not for yourself then at least to remove yourself from the pool of low life, ill educated, bottom dwelling ingrates. Your self-esteem aught be embarrassed!

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-- mike slater (, November 27, 2002.

can i get some information how to build a off road gocart cause it is my dad has a idea and we need to get it so he can make one and not something stupid and that way it is saft thanx

-- joe mama (, November 29, 2002.

i would be interested in your free plans and pics of your off road go cart.......thank you in advance

-- Wesley (, December 02, 2002.

i need same free plans/picture of go karts so i can bild my kid a gokart for his b-day CAN YOU HELP ME?

-- big bob (, December 05, 2002.

I also need some free plans...I would be delighted to get some. I anyone has some plans, pls send me them.

-- Michal (, December 06, 2002.

hello, i am only 13 and dont have much money and i want to build a go kart with my dad but i ........BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nobody is going to send anybody any FREE plans so quit asking for them......either get a job and buy some plans(good plans at or make up your own..... Sadik will not send you have to go to his website and get them(just like it says to do in his message)...they are not quite complete but you can get some ideas.

-- dkjhdlf (, December 15, 2002.

Hey i'm a young boy looking to find some free plans to build a go- cart with my dad if you e-mail me some blueprints I will be most grateful--thx

-- Armondo Desamais (, December 23, 2002.

Hy!i'm from slowenia and I need some free plans to build a gokart!!!!!!!!!!!please

-- uroš kolariè (, December 27, 2002.

Hey guys. I notice that all of you guys seem to be looking for plans. I'm 16 and just finished building 3 carts and am currently working on a home made atv. We have discovered that plans are a start, but we ran into sort of a bind. We are cheap. So we sorta worked backwards. We went to junkyards and scrap piles and looked for all sorts of stuff that we thought would work. Once we had done that then we just sort of came up with drawn out plans of how we could put them together. After we got all those done, we started building. We had to change a few things as we went a long to make them work. But we turned out with finished projects that werent to bad. And the got better as we went along. You can see all of our projects at so what I am saying is that finding somebody elses plans may not be as important as some of you seem to think it is. I think you will like the results if you design your own custom go kart. Good luck with all your projects, and visit our site. If you have any questions about anything, just send us an email.

-- Lee or Greg (, December 29, 2002.

Hi. I am Tim and i want to build a new go kart i have one motor that is a 5 h.p techumseh off of an old snow blower. i need it not to hevy bbut realy strong because i live in the canadian shield witch has some sick hills and rough terain i am prety good at mechanical stuff but i am haveing lots of trouble desining a go kart.if u could at least reply with plans or a place to get them free would be realy awsome

thx. MR.T

-- Tim Smart (, December 31, 2002.

I would appreciate a copy as I would like to make one for my many grandchildren to play on .

-- malcolm glasgow (, December 31, 2002.

please i need some print to build a go-kart for my son he is 11 years old and i want to build it for his next vacation on march

-- sergio castillo (, January 03, 2003.

Could you please send me some off road go-kart plans because i am only 14 and i would like to try and make a go-kart as a project. thank you.

-- Sam Hargraves (, January 05, 2003.

could u pls help im 12 ive been looking for 3 years for plans to make a go kart if u could help pls send me some plans

-- kevin kelly (, January 06, 2003.

I just want something fun to do, so cold some one send me plans for a go-kart, like a whole manual or something.

-- Jamie Drew (, January 10, 2003.

has any body got any plans on how to build a go kart. please send the plans and a fiver would be nice

-- paul stanley (, January 11, 2003.

please send me those go-kart plans

-- callum hamilton (, January 13, 2003.

hey i was wondering if i could get a hold of those plans cos i want to racing with my mates and the all got bikes thanks

-- toban bell (, January 14, 2003.

I'm not very original.... Can you send me some plans.. see...

-- Kiril (, January 16, 2003.

could i get some free plan to build an off road kart for when i go the the topend of australia. if it's free though. cool

-- nathan (, January 18, 2003.

Does anyone have plans for a go-kart or a motorcycle, if they cost anything don't bother sending them to me, but if they r free please send them to me i will really be greatful! thank you Matt

-- Matt (, January 19, 2003.

fuck you i want plans

-- john refalo (, January 25, 2003.

can you send me your free plans. i work in a gokart center but i would like to build my own thanks

-- wayne guyan (, January 25, 2003.

I really need plans

-- Mike Gniey (, January 26, 2003.

need plans for a go kart send $ 3.oo to 803 kannal ave apt 13 RENSSELAER 47978. these plans are complete and worth 50 x more.

from the go kart kings

-- the go kart kings (, January 26, 2003.

Please send me some FREE GO KART PLANS! I've been looking everywhere, but no1 has anything worth even looking at! Send asap please!

-- mr. me (, January 30, 2003.

hi, i´m student from high school, i need to do a project with my partners, so we choose a go kart for doing, please, i need free plans as soon as posible, really i need them, i haven´t found any plan, it doesn´t care if is simple, i need built just one, please help me, send me one

-- david cruz (, January 30, 2003.

Could you can send me some free plans Please

-- Lee McGee (, February 01, 2003.

I'm just 14 so I don't got a job yet but if they're free PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send me the free go kart plans I need them I've been wanting to build a go kart since I was 5 years old and this is finally my oppourtunity

your pal Joshua Lockhart

-- Joshua Lockhart (, February 02, 2003.

I neeeeeed some go kart plans badly i have messed up enough and i need some plans send me some.

-- Max powers (, February 02, 2003.

HOLD YOUR HORSES PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!! In the very near future we will be launching a site that will have plans from the most basic Karts to the full on sprint versions you see running 120 MPH. We are also trying to get 1/4 midget plans and Junior dragsters. These will be FULL blueprints you can make at home with a welder and normal hand tools. However they will not be FREE! Only the basic kart plan will be free. All you need to do it ask dad to stitch his credit card for a measley twenty bucks and you can have the most kick butt chassis on the block! E-mail me if you are interested, and as soon as the site is up I will foreward a notice. HAPPY KARTING!!!!!!!!

-- Clay Horst (, February 06, 2003.

it would be much appreciated if someone would be kind enough to send me plans for an off road kart that could handle an xtz 660 engine. thanks

-- tavis collins (, February 08, 2003.

im looking for all types of go carts to build with my dad and friends but we dont know what type to build so can some one send me site on how to build them thank bobby

-- bobby (, February 08, 2003.

Honestly people, why do you need plans? If you all do enough searching around on the internet or in the library (a sin for some of you) or go and look very carefully at go-karts people are selling, you would notice a go kart is VERY basic, and there are some basic things you need to make a go kart. You need a square frame, easist is to weld up some square tubes and some cross pieces for stability (yes, you need acess to a welder), for other parts that you will NEED to buy look on northern tool supply they carry everything you need (except tubing for the frame) I'm getting ready to draw up some plans on CAD and make a detailed write up parts needed, if anyone is interested email me, may take a week or two to complete. For those of you who don't have acess to a welder, or don't even know what a welder is, northern tool supply carries a kit, comes with everything you need and a pre welded frame, minus the engine, all you have to do is build it, for about $500. PS. i would not attempt to build a kart out of wood, from personal experience, wood, gas and an engine is not a good mix.

-- Eric Frick (, February 10, 2003.

free ez to build go cart frame for free yhanx dan

-- dan mercier (, February 12, 2003.

go to has some good ones

-- Quentin de Vries (, February 13, 2003.

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-- thom h (, February 13, 2003.

Could you please send me some Plans to build a go kart thanks.

-- John Veller (, February 16, 2003.

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-- the mario man (, February 17, 2003.

Can I have some go-kart plans, so I can build a off road go-kart on the hoildays, Please thank you.

-- Bevan Springate (, February 17, 2003.

I want to know if the plans are free if so sure as hell i want them if i have to pay for them neva mind.

-- Clark Babouski (, February 18, 2003.

i am trying to build a gocart as a family project with my there is 3 of us i would like it if you could send me both 2 seater and singleseater gocart plans. i would like you to send me information on suspension, steering(the easier way to go round it) and the axles. also could you send information on how to make the gocart a 4 wheel drive

-- premdeep (, February 18, 2003.

Could you please send me some blueprints for an off road go-kart. If they are free please send me them. Thanks

-- Kyle Koback (, February 19, 2003.

If anyone could give blueprints about making a relatively inexpensive go-kart, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andrew

-- Andrew Oifleda (, February 24, 2003.

Alrite dudes, so any 1 got any plans then ? me an my mate have a cobra bucket seat, a 'tuned to the bollocks' 125 engine and some quad wheels but need an idea on the frame !? Suggestions !?

Cheeers Keep it real

-- Ryan Sellars (, February 24, 2003.

Send me all the shit i need to know about building a frigen go kart that is cheap and fast! Fuck you (Joke)!

-- Matt Eskii (, February 27, 2003.

can u send me the plans to build a go-kart

-- Mark Platt (, February 27, 2003.

please send me some gokart plans

-- Andrew Lucarz (, March 01, 2003.

I got all the tools, I just need a few basic drawing to base my ideas on. If you could, please send me a few of your drawings and pictures to help me out.

-- Pete Rebenar (, March 01, 2003.

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-- A Patron (, March 11, 2003.

Could i please have a copy of the offroad gokart plans because im a kid who loves to build mechanical thing like motors and it would give me and my dad some time to speend together. Thank Ryan.

-- Ryan Anthony Agius (, March 15, 2003.

I'm building an off road go-kart with a snowmoblie engine at school for my senior project. I have a basic design in my head for the fame but i would like a referece picture with measurements if avalibe. Thanks a bunch

-- james morrison (, March 17, 2003.


-- SAM (EATITSUDAM@WAR.COM), March 19, 2003.

me and my brother need help finding info on how to build a go kart if anybody have any info please contact me.

-- pooh kelvin (, March 23, 2003.

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Can you give me some plans and pictures for GoKart Thanks

-- Matej Skornšek (, March 30, 2003.

please can i see those plans if they cost any thing i don't want them if they don't cost a thing i would lke them as soon as pospial

-- Tilen Hrustelj (, March 30, 2003.

People are coming here for go kart plans, not to debate about bush and his war so lets stick to the topic and fuck all you people who think its funny to write swear words so other people will read it online. find some other way to boost ur self of steam.

-- el burito (, April 02, 2003.



i have some plans. plans to kick ur a$$

-- richard cranium (, April 04, 2003.

can you please send me some go kart plans as soon as possible. me and my friend are looking to build one. thanx.

-- chase kellerman (, April 06, 2003.

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-- archie davidson cocksmell (, April 07, 2003.

As a final project for the engeeniering I'm doing a kart with plans and all the stuff, but well done. If someone is intrested send me a mail. If enough people are intrested I'll think about web-paging the project.

-- David (, April 07, 2003.

get a goddamn life

-- troy (, April 07, 2003.

hi pal i want a go kart but have no gear and no plans so could you send me some just to get me started !! p.s. only if they r free , i will need the money 2 buy the stuff !!!!! thanks

-- kit richardson (, April 08, 2003.


-- (, April 09, 2003.

I think people need to quit swearing on this site it dosnt show much BRAINS!!!!!!

-- TROY HAWLEY (, April 10, 2003.

Hello. I am looking for a manual that shows how to build an off-road go-cart that uses shocks in its suspension. If anyone knows where to by a manual or if one is posted somewhere please email me.

-- Chris (, April 14, 2003. you have a full plan

-- DR LOVE (, April 14, 2003.

hey im looking for plans to build a go-kart frame. if anyone knows where i can find some, can you tell me. Thanks

-- Nick DeBruyne (, April 15, 2003.

just look on google and check out other people's karts. then when you get a basic idea of how they work you can design your own. come on people lets have some originality here.

-- joe (gjygjyf@@hfgfh.g), April 15, 2003.

if you want some plans i have some i'm still building mine but this summer it sould be done and it's gona be bad ass (plans are free) email me for them

-- bad ass gokart (, April 18, 2003.

me and my dad are going to build a offroad Go Kart but need some plans could you send me some if possible


-- Daniel bobson (, April 20, 2003.

please can i see those plans if they cost any thing i don't want them if they don't cost a thing i would lke them as soon as pospial thanx

-- Will (, April 20, 2003.


-- DERRICK ELLIS (CHINK380@AOL.COM), April 22, 2003.

Hey, Me and my friend want to build a Go-Kart out of an 550 Artic-cat engine and we need some plans. If they are free will you please send me some? Thanks

-- Kyle Self (, April 23, 2003.

my i please have copy of a 2 set gokart or anything but ONLY if it ts FREE!!!!!!! THANX

-- michael lorey (, April 24, 2003.

Check out these two sites hopefully you can find some resources there and don't forget to sign up for the email list I'm planning on having some contests in the near future for free stuff!

-- Jerry (, April 25, 2003.

Go check out and watch for updates, plenty of pictures and even plans if you ask for them! the kart on the page is about 100 inches long and about 4 feet wide and is going to be powered by a hell raising 750cc twin street bike engine! WOOO so go check me out at and dont forgot to sign up as a member to have access to it all.

-- (, April 25, 2003.

Hey man I have been searching for days trying to find a good det of go kart plans. No luck though. The thing is, it's my first time building a go kart. If there free I would love to see those plans. If there not free i'll have to keep looking.

-- Kelsey Dougherty (, April 26, 2003.

Me and my dad want to build a go kart so I can race with my friends. Please send me some free gokart plans because we are on a tight budget. Thanks.

-- Ken V. W. (, April 27, 2003.

Will you send me some plans please?

-- Benjamin Jay Davis (, April 27, 2003.

I would like to build my own go-kart, can you please send me some plans :o)


-- Sonya G. Smith (, April 28, 2003.

Hey its my first time to! go check out check out the picture of what i have done so far and if you like what you see email me at and ask me for plans and i will email you plenty of pictures and dimensions. and YES they are FREE! all you have to do is sign up as a member on my website and when you email me just mail me your comments, your member name on my website, and your return email address. so if you want free plans to build one like you see on my website just EMAIL ME! later

-- (, April 29, 2003.

hey i just wana build a simple go kart wif me mate out of a lawn mower motor does any 1 hav any plans only if free

-- lachlan gould (, May 05, 2003.

well im making the crazy thing its a gocart/dunebuggy well i need some help and plans if you can help i need to find a 4 cylinder motor 5 speed tranmission and a tranfer case a 5 speed 4 wheel drive monster also i wont it to be a 4 seater i would also like to have the motor in the front and a manual tranmission i love to build things i have a 1/10th scale r/c truck that goes 70mph so i need something to do point me in the right direction plz and thanks for the help

-- Dc (, May 06, 2003.

Can I please have plans to build a go kart. Specifically, details on drivetrain and brake system. Thanks

-- Peter Vega (, May 11, 2003.

Hey i need go kart plans because im gonna build one soon i only want them if they are free!! Thanx Ryan

-- Ryan Borwnrigg (, May 12, 2003.

hey all you dumb fucks! it aint hard to find free go kart plans on the internet. just open your eyes and look you stupid fucks.

-- sam adams (, May 12, 2003.

Is there any things i can look at to build a gokart and get some free gokart stuff plz e-mail me at thank you Henry Cojocar

-- Henry James Cojocar (, May 12, 2003.

Please can someone send me FREE GO KART PLANS. My friends and i are going to build one but we need plans...we can most likely get teh rest of the parts. PLZ IF YOU HAVE FREE GO KART PLANS... SEND THEM TO ME PPPLLLZZZ!!!

-- kevin (, May 13, 2003.

hey i am building a gokart i am 14 and have plans ill give them to you all you have to do is email me at

your friend Bobby

-- Bobby (, May 20, 2003.

If any body has plans for a gocart please send them to me

-- Gregorio G (, May 20, 2003.

Could i get a copy of free off-road go kart plans me my grandpa and dad are trying to make one but we need two seat plans with roll cage thanks

-- Nate Andary (, May 20, 2003.

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-- (, May 20, 2003.


-- jamie wandry (, May 20, 2003.

what a waist of an internet proxy. you really must take it hard

-- cdr (, May 25, 2003.

send me those gokart plane if there free i need ideas on how to design a frame and what kind of places to get engines from

-- john (, May 27, 2003.

Hey good sir, if your plans for a go kart are free as advertised I would really appreciate if you could send them to me. Me and my friend plan to turn one of those little red toy kid cars into a go kart and im looking for as many ideas as possible. Thanks.

-- Bryan (, May 27, 2003.

P;ease Please Please could u send me plans/blueprints to build a go- kart if they are free much appreciated

-- Ricky.c (, May 31, 2003.

please can you send me the plans to your off road go kart but only if they are free

-- martin barnett (, June 02, 2003.

guys, use your don't need plans.....I can build, so can you. Do it by yourselfs....come up with plans by yourself......nobody will give you free plans....

-- micael (, June 04, 2003.

If they are free i need them thanks

-- Austin Richard Massey (, June 06, 2003.

Hey if the go kart plans are for free do you think that you could send me the plans? Thanks a lot. Later

-- John J Doyle (, June 08, 2003.

Can you please send me some plans to an offroad go cart? Thanks a ton, this is gonna be my summer project before I go to college this fall.

-- Brad (, June 08, 2003.

Could you please send me any blue prints of yours. So i can build a go kart.


-- Steven Dawick (, June 09, 2003.

HI, can you please send me the plans for a go kart me and my friend want to build one this summer. :)

-- Steve (, June 09, 2003.

can you send me some plans please???? thanks

-- dan Lehmkuhle (, June 09, 2003.

can i get some free plans

-- owen quail (, June 10, 2003.

i was wondering if i could get some plans to make an offroad go cart. my co-worker and i want to build two of them this sommer and i need to get some plans that will help us. i would like them to be free. pleeeeeez help!!!

thank you!! -Brad

-- Brad (, June 10, 2003.

Hi,i suppose you see alot of these e-mails for go-kart plans were all just a bunch of kids tryin to have fun or we wanna be a kid again so could you please do us all a favor,and send me and everyone else some offroad go-kart plans cause we wanna tear up yards,kick up dirt,and of course im sure we all have the need for SPEED so i hope consider this thanx for your time :)

-- Jeff Fitzgerald (, June 11, 2003.

hi i am also trying to build a gocart but having trouble finding decent plans. can you please sent me some free plans for an off road gocart and mini buggy, it would be very helpfull. thanks

-- ryan marsh (, June 13, 2003.

I want to bulid a go Kart. can I have some plans Please!!!!!!!!!

-- Matthew Newell (, June 16, 2003.

I am going to build a go kart and I would really like plans for them. if you can't get them to me I will understand. Your page is kinda full. ;-)

-- William B Tenniswood (, June 16, 2003.

just like the rest of these guys i am looking into building and off roader and would like the plans... Thanx

-- Andrew Breton (, June 16, 2003.

plz send those plans my way thanks R.M.Anderson

-- R.M.Anderson (, June 17, 2003.

if anybody have some real free plans please send them to me

-- nikos k (, June 17, 2003.

i am looking for gocart instructions and if they cost $ i dont want them but please i really need them

-- christopher sanchez (, June 18, 2003.

hey i need help making the arms of a off road buggy can some one send me proper plans for arms pleas thaanks kris

-- kris (, June 24, 2003.

ok im looking for an off road go cart i want plans and i have $$$$$ cash im looking for one in queensland australia (rockhampton) if any one can help email me ok thanx=)

-- jay (, June 29, 2003.

Ok, I am looking for buleprints to a off road gokart light weight frame that can have a 292 cc engine on it.


-- Jared (, June 30, 2003.

please can i have some plans or at least a link to where i can get plans please to build a kart or buggy.

-- steve yates (, June 30, 2003.

Yall gotta go to they have awsome stuff there

-- Frederick Alfred Hofts (, July 01, 2003.

Maybe when im back at school i can get the plans to the mini-baja car. the only problem is besides knowing how to weld and cut, you need to have acess and be able to use a lathe to make the hubs and stuff.

-- tim (, July 06, 2003.

can anyone send me plans for a simple and very cheap go kart using a push lawn mower engine

-- matthew poop (, July 08, 2003.

Lots of Gokart Plans at:

-- GoKartPlans.Com (, July 10, 2003. its the best ive place 4 go kart frames on the net.......

oh yeah, another very cool place....

-- Hugh g. rection (, July 10, 2003.

Don't waste your time trying to build an off-road go-kart. You can buy a Carter Brothers 2900 series kart with full suspension for less than you can buy all the parts and materials.

-- Robbie (, July 12, 2003.

i want to build an off-road buggy and put a motorbike motor in it! do u have any plans at all for an off-road buggy, if so could you send them to me? it would be greatly appreciated! thanks

-- jacinda williams (, July 13, 2003.

Hey guys if you have time could you please send me some free offroad go cart plans it does not matter what type they are cheers man thanks

-- Tim (, July 17, 2003.

do thses of road go-kart plans cost any thing

if they do not can u plese send them to me because i really wont to build a of road go-kart

And if thay do cost money can u send the prices to me please

Thanks From Jrrod

-- jarrod andrew carpenter (, July 19, 2003.

hey if those plans are really free i could really use tham plz send them to me only if they are free plz

-- steve (, July 19, 2003.

Hey, could you send me those plan's for a off road go-cart if they are free.It would be cool if i got them.So please send them to me. Thank's

-- nate meyer (, July 20, 2003.

Hi i am building an off road go cart and all i need is the frame so if any1 can send me a nice idea for free i would really like that. if sooo can u please have measurements with it??

we have everything eles we jus need an idea on the frame

-- Matt (, July 22, 2003.

Thanks from Malcolm

-- Malcolm (, July 29, 2003.

Can i have some free go kart plans. Thanks

-- Andy (, July 30, 2003.

fuck u all freaks!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Bin laden (, August 03, 2003.

Please send those plans to me too! If you can! But I know you can! PLEASE!!

-- Plans lover (, August 04, 2003.

sup peeps i dont care about how to build go-karts i need to know how to build an atv so if u have atv plans send em to me 4 free plz

-- cameron (, August 06, 2003.

ok, well to start shit off u need a frame u can build one but most of you would probably end up burning and causing serios damage to yourselves using a welding machine it is the cheaper way but i recomend buying one costs about 200 give or take next you need to have an engine without the engine ull end up making a push kart so a lawn mower engine is just fine u take the balde of your lawn mower and replace it with a gear or "disk" or "sprocket" and then i dont recomend turning the engine on its side while mounting it becuz u will basically drown it in fuel so u can get a centrifugall clutch ao u can mount it in an upright position after u get tha u mount another gear on ur rear axel aand link the two gears with a chain it werx similar to bicycle but not quite n then u take ur accleration of ur lawn mower and just like in the lawn mower u push down on older models or pull up on newer ones it acceklerates u basically take that n convert it into a pedal n move it to where ur feet would be located at the front of the cart n udo the same thing withbrakes i think it would be much easier mountin ur brakes on to ur front axel because the back would be steadily on the ground due to the weight of the operator and the engine combined unless braking downhill which could be unsafe due to simple laws of physics and finally ur steering which u should connect through ur front axel to ur wheelsand that is also quite simple to understand hopefully if you have n e questions please dont mail me i try to help but dont push ur luck look up the mechanics of a chainsaw if u dont underst the part about the centrifugal cluthc also look up the mechanics of a car if u dont understand the steering.

-- john lombardi (, August 08, 2003.

could ne body plz help me me and my dad goin to build a go cart and need plans dont want to pay ne 1 who nos a site plz email it to me

-- SAm (, August 12, 2003.

I'm not a student or a guy building a cart for a sick friend and i'm not 13 years old living on my allowance trying to support 3 sisters and a my cripled grandmother. I'm just a guy looking for a good set of off road go-kart plans. Thank you.

-- ROGER FOX (, August 13, 2003.

Hi. I'm a high school student looking for a set of plans that i can use to build an off road go kart. I don't have much of a budget so i appreciate free things when i can get them. Thanks

-- Zach Miller (, August 14, 2003.

i need some plans to build a go-kart so just send it along this way your e-mails are much apreciated

-- bob (, August 15, 2003.

What? blah blah blah blah

-- Susan (, August 18, 2003.

Hi me and my dad are planning to build a simple petrol gokart so could u send me some simple ideas thanx

-- STEVE MAN (CHR3936@AOL.COM), August 22, 2003.


-- STEVE MAN (USERCHRS3936@AOL.COM), August 22, 2003.

Hello, i'm french and i'm looking like you for any plan, it's difficult !!! But i've found this (take a look !!!): bye all

-- Stéphane (, August 25, 2003.

I wanted to know if you can please send me some free designs on the fram my dad and I wanted to bild an off-road go-cart but, I dont want the frame to be yuff-dog style please help me with some free plans.

-- Tony Rangel (, August 31, 2003.

My girlfriend's dad has a 3000hp Funny Car Dragster, and I brought up the idea to build a super go-kart/buggy.. He loves the idea and wants to build it with me. We want to use a 750cc to 1200cc, and design a custom gearbox. We will design the frame to be aerodynamic, and I found a design for a supercharger using a smog pump that we might use. We anticipate this cart is going to fly! LOL So we're probably going to need to add some kind of rear spoiler. I am expecting top speeds of high 100s to the low 200s. We plan on putting fuel,heat,rpm, and speedometer gauges on. I'm probably going to save the designs and have them uploaded for others to use. We expect this project will be done by Christmas. I will have photos uploaded at a later time for you to checkout. I'm a senior in High School and really anticipate this cart coming to be! AHHHHHHHH I'm gonna take it to the street races muahahhaa lol think anyone will want to race? LOL talk about rice burner.

-- Kevin H. (, September 03, 2003.

I have plans but you can buy them for $3 or you can buy the kart I built for $400 fuck you I was lying stupid people you will never find free plans ever fuckin retards

-- ass wipe (, September 04, 2003.

shut up shithead

-- fook yoo (, September 29, 2003.

You all are dumb fucks!!! The Site the guy gave has free plans "on it" you stupid fucks. Maybe you should try reading you illiterate pieces of shit!!

-- Like I'd Tell You (, October 03, 2003.

Quit cussing. this is for engineers only.

-- jon (, October 03, 2003.

Is there absoultly any one with plans to build a buggy

-- Road runner (, October 05, 2003.

hi peepl i just turned 15 today :) and i got some money and im looking for **FREE** go-cart plans for me to build myself i have had about 20 hours mig welding experience and a shed full off tools no matter how hard oyu say it will be ill find a way to get it done. thnx oh and by the way if the plans arent free or anyone starts abusing me you can go F£$K satan up his dirty ass hole

-- caillin (, October 13, 2003.


I have dedicated a website to free gokart plans!

Goto this site for free plans!

-- Gareth Lloyd (, October 14, 2003.

well, i searched the net for plans, but came up short. I sat down wit a mechanic at "Mr. Muffler" and we came up with a simple desing. If any one wants it, e-mail me and i'll e-mail u a notice when my web site is ready. And to all u fuckers who think this is a joke, get an education, cause you'll be the ones workin for US.

-- jimi (, October 24, 2003.

nothing in life is free

btw get a life

-- Fuck U (, November 13, 2003.

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-- James Robinson (, December 29, 2003.

Besides from all that cursing stuff, I too would like some plans to make an ON-ROAD go-kart. Nothing too fancy, but a ten to fifteen mph go kart. My dad and i are looking forward to making one, but we have no where to start, but a useless lawn mower engine. i dont even know where to get a freaking chassis for the go-kart, nevertheless trying to build it. So back to the subject, i would be eternally grateful if someone sent me some plans to make an on-road go-kart. Thx, Laurence Chao

-- Laurence Chao (, January 04, 2004.

I'm trying to get a blue prints so my kids can build it please send it to us thanks

-- Raymond Dan Rowland (, January 07, 2004.

This summer my dad and I plan to build an off-road go-kart. Please send the plans as soon as possible. thank you!!!

-- Michael Mushaw (, January 19, 2004.

Hey, Could i get those plans also. PLEASE!!!!


-- Chris Urban (, January 20, 2004.

could i please have the free plans of how to make a go cart frame

-- Trent Mckay (, January 22, 2004.

I would love some plans please send

-- daniel miller (, January 25, 2004.

Hi my name is Joseph and my friend has a machine shop. I am 13 and I have a small engine shop. Anyway I wanted to know if you could send me some blue prints or drawings. Thanks! E-MAIL RPARGA1@SATX.RR.COM

-- Joseph Parga (, January 25, 2004.

Plans Plz

-- John Rambo (, January 31, 2004.

i have a 650 kawasaki iwant to build a two seater bugy with if i can get some free plans to give me some ideas that would be great

-- andy miller (, February 05, 2004.

me and my mate would like to build one casue we just moved to a big piece of land i we also thought we could even make it into a kind of a ride to cut my half of the land after we built the go-kart so if u could it would be really cool of u laters from me and my friend shaun

-- shaun daniel hodge (, February 09, 2004.

G Hibbert 17 whitford road Howick 1705 Auckland, New Zealand.

Collecting world money just send me any note even 1 dollar and your address I'll send you some plans.


-- G Hibbert (, February 29, 2004.

I would really appreciate if you would send me some go-kart plans because i have been looking to build a go-kart with my dad. Thanx

-- Mitch Kosh (, March 02, 2004.

allready have cart but having troubles with drive 5hp motor 12tooth centrifial clutch need calucations for rear sprocket can anny one help

-- greg (, March 03, 2004.

I coudnt find where to ask yall questions but me and my friend wanna turn a old go kart we have into a off road go kart that can actually go off road PLEASE HELP WE KNOW NOTHING

-- Brian Brent hesobbs (, March 08, 2004.

hey if ne1 has some free plans i could use them. if u could send them to my asap thanx sooo much jim

-- james (, March 11, 2004.

Me and my friend are planning on building a go-kart for paintballing. It needs to be able to hav a gunner station, hold 2 passengers, and be able to hav some cargo room. We hav an extremely powerful kawaski Motorcycle engine that can make the average go cart go 170+ miles an hour, so we will need plenty of room to slow the engine using a centrifical fource clutch. Please send ASAP

-- Sam (, March 14, 2004.

My two sons and I want to build a off road Kart for my grandchildren, I sure would be greatful if you could send me plans and pictures.

-- Gerald Zabler (, March 24, 2004.

how do you build your own Go kart

-- Mmitchell (hot_roddin_man@hot, March 25, 2004.

hey ive been wanting to build a go kart for some time and i have just got a motorso would u b able to send me sum free plans or blue prints

-- nicholas pratt (, April 12, 2004.

Hey, has anyone managed to get any plans or blueprints for a go cart or mini buggies and if so would it be possible to send them to me or to get in contact wiht me and tel me where to get them from, any help appreciated. Thanx

-- Nicholas Wetzel (, April 19, 2004.

im lookin for some go kart plans me n my dad n some friends can build...we r lookin for sumthin simple n dont really have that much money or tools to work with so if somebody has plans for a go kart that u can use n e day items n junkyard items please send them to me

-- john (, April 21, 2004.

u guys are stupid dickheads, why dont u little shits just find some to buy? urall fagass leechers

-- Fuk U (, April 22, 2004.

This has some ok plans but they are FREE and can always be modded.

-- matt (, April 23, 2004.

This is also good..

-- matt (, April 23, 2004.

For detailed plans to build a yard kart or a rally kart take a look at Diy Den, the plans are not free but reasonably priced, there are some free previews

-- Don (, April 26, 2004.

My friend is building a go kart, and it would woop all of your gokarts when its in reverse. It is made from 2"+1"+3mm thick metal and it doesnt have a small engine it has a 4 cylinder car engine, with suspension and it has a max speed of 230km/h(Metric).

-- John butler (, June 02, 2004.

can u send me some plans please and all u girl wanna e-mail me cheers

-- plans (, June 27, 2004.

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