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I have a couple of Omega d5's & just last night I ran into a problem which I would like to share with you, and ask what may be done and if others had the same experience.

The Column Cover is double taped to the column, and it lost its adhesion( way poor design in my opinion--tape). The column "fell" from its correct position without my knowing, and when I lowered (cranked) the head to its lowest position, the head became stuck due to the "felled" cover. Not sensing this problem, I over cranked the head and stripped the Allen hd screw #8-32x1/4 on the crank which is attached to the gear drive which allows the head to move up & down. The Allen head nut is flimsy in my opinion, and I'm unable to tighten it enough (on the drive gear) in order to raise or lower the head----- way poor design.

so--new tape & new Allen nut------any comments or observations?

a disgrunted Omerga user at this time.

-- Raymond A. Bleesz (, November 10, 2001


Raymond: Can you get the old allen screw out? IF so, take it out, drill a small indent in the shaft and replace the allen screw. The indent will keep it from slipping. I had to do that on my enlarger.


-- Doug Paramore (, November 10, 2001.

Back out the allen screw and file a flat on the rod. reattached and all will be well. A detent would do the same thing but it might be difficult to drill (I'm a Dentist so I know drill). George

-- George Nedleman (, November 11, 2001.

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