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I wonder if there is there anyway of increasing the storage capacity of this site in order to keep on file all old threads? There's a tremendous amount of info here to be valued as a true treasure to our craft. Many of the contributors have worked in Large Format's "golden era" and have made technical contributions here that are timelessfully useful.

The present archives go back a few years, but I presume the site gets trimmed continually. Maybe I'm wrong. Andre

-- Andre Noble (, November 09, 2001


All the 38000+ posts which were made on this forum, back to Aug 1997 when it started, are archived in the "Older Messages" categories. Almost nothing gets deleted.

-- Q.-Tuan Luong (, November 10, 2001.

That's reasurring. There's alot of real trash on the web in general, and blind consumerism pervades everything (but don't you just love it when it's the large format photography consumerism on our site!).

However, this site is great. A lot of knowlegable technicians, artists, you name it, pop up. The knowledge base here is a major factor that helped me find my niche.

A while back someone asked the question of the future of film. I would say that as long as Hollywood shoots 35mm stock, and this site is running, then there will be film for us large format photographers and our Toyos, Linhoff's, and Deardorf's. Andre

-- Andre Noble (, November 10, 2001.

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