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I recently purchased an AMB Seaboard Air Line wood caboose kit. The instruction sheet suggests using SalecoatII color #2673 (bright caboose red) to paint the car. I have searched various locations (stores, web sites), and been unable to locate color #2673. Is it still available? If not, what other paint color should be used to paint an SAL caboose?

-- RJ Babcock (, November 08, 2001


Modelflex and Polly S caboose red works as well, but they are water based so to thick an application could warp the wooden sides which is why they recommend Scalecoad. I've done four using Polly S applied in two light coats with no problem. John Edwards

-- John Edwards (, November 09, 2001.

Check Scalecoat's web site at

There are click-ons for their paint catalog and a sidebar click-on for ordering. I've ordered their paint with almost "overnight" delivery, but then I'm only a couple hundred miles from their plant. They also produce many of their colors in spray cans, if that makes the project any easier or quicker for you.

-- Tom Underwood (, November 09, 2001.

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