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I'm building an O-scale three track layout for my child and I. Our plan was to use Atlas track. I'd like to use a DCC system if possible.

Most of the DCC material I've been reading on the Web concerns N and HO gauge, and DC power.

Where can I find out more about using DCC with three rail Lionel type systems?

Which manufactures offer products that support o-guage three rail?

Any help would be appreciated.

-- Vince Iazzetta (vince.iazzetta@teradyne.com), November 08, 2001


Response to DCC and Three Track

You are right - most of the focus is NOT on 3-rail Lionel type systems. I have Lionel myself, but it just runs around the tree at Christmas and have no intention of putting DCC in it.

Here's what little advice I can give you.

I do know that Digitrax has decoders that support Lionel locomotives. I THINK some of the European suppliers, perhaps Lenz and Zimo, might as well.

The Lionel brushes are isolated from the frame. That's extremely imporant. I don't know that you won't have to do more. Unfortunately I don't have the time to research this a little further for you.

As far as installing the decoder is concerned, the fact that it is 3-rail isn't really important. The two outer rails are connected together. It's just like you were picking up from the center and either one of the outers.

What is important to the Lionel locos, and any other loco that runs on AC, instead of DC, is that you need a special decoder mentioned above.

My apologies for not having more to offer you at this time.

-- Allan Gartner (wiringfordcc@augustmail.com), November 10, 2001.

Response to DCC and Three Track

There is a company called Zimo. They build the most complete DCC system for all gauges 2 and 3 rail. You'll find it at this website: http://www.mrsonline.net/ The prices are not as bad as they look since they are in canadian dollars, so about roughly have of what is listed! Zimo has several features nobody else has i.e. signal controlled speed setting, 32kHz motor frequency to name a few. They have an NMRA conformance label and are therefore fully compatible with other systems. Hope that helps. Art

-- Art Luescher (aluesch@okanagan.net), November 20, 2001.

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