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I am looking for ways to save on water and still get well washed prints. About a year ago there was a discussion about this in this Forum. Does someone have experience with using the Cascade print washer? It is claimed to use much less water than other washers and in theory it seems that it should work. Any other ideas on saving water and keeping polutants from the drain are also appreciated.

Being "eco-conscientious" and a photo-enthusiast sometimes gives me a lot of headache.

-- solveig perklen (, November 08, 2001


I've been very pleased with the Cascade washer from Summitek. I have their 11x14 size, which handles (if memory serves) 15 11x14s or 30 8x10s and requires only 250 ml/minute of water. A 16x20 version is also available. Both permit adding "dirty" prints downstream of those already washing without contaminating the earlier ones. I've tested prints for residual hypo and found the unit to be effective with wash times typical of other "archival washers."

Summitek has a Web site with details. My only connection to the company is as a satisfied customer.

-- Sal Santamaura (, November 08, 2001.

I purchased the VersaLab 11x14 washer about a year ago. I have been very satisified with low water use, durability, robust construction, and ease of use.

See at their web site:

-- Frank Ramig (, November 09, 2001.

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