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I thought the R6.2 production was only temporarily stopped due to overstock and the camera would definitely remain in current production. This is what Leica stated in their recent conference over the internet. There is a market for a mechanical camera... If Leica does cease to offer what I believe is the best reflex on the market, unless they combine with another company to produce an updated electronic unit with internal motordrive or offer the Leica mount to other camera systems, the R system will cease entirely. Manual lens and the mechanical camera seem indispensable to me. Lucien's post seems to indicate the R6.2 production to be over. Any thoughts.

-- Bob Haight (, November 08, 2001


Don't think that the R6.2 is going to go out of production at all. It's too popular to boot according to sales. The R6.2 outsells the R8 by 50% in general. So in fact it looks like the R series is flourishing well despite rumors to the contrary and Leica will continue supporting its R users. Sadly enough I wish that the R8 had better publicity.


-- Albert Wang (, November 08, 2001.

Albert, There seems to be some confusion over the relative sales volume of R6.2 vs R8. I have seen other comments on the net (from Leica I think) that said the R8 was selling at substantially higher volume than the 6.2 version. LB

-- Luther Berry (, November 08, 2001.

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