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Has anyone tried one of these?

-- Frank horn (, November 07, 2001


This is obviously not an item of terrific interest.

I have one and it sits on a telelens as kind fo a rearcap most of the time.

But occasionaly I use it for what t is made for: substituting a pair of binoculars. And it does a good job! With a 280 mm Visolens, a R adaptor and a 2x apoconverter (on a tripod) Iam able to watch birds in my garden at a magnification which binoculars cant cope with. But with the LEICA telelenses the combo is heavy. As a handy sparepart in a photobag its useful with lenses from 90 mm on.

Best wishes and good shooting

K. G. Wolf

-- K. G. Wolf (, November 08, 2001.

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