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Hello! I've got an old Canon FT QL Camera and I can't find any information about checking the Battery all over the net. I would Like to know how to check this (I know from the FTB QL, that you have to take the 1/1000 time and set the camera on 100ASA, and then push the knob to the "c"-mark.). But testing this on the FT QL i don't know, where the needle has to be or to go then while pushing the "c". There is only this fixed ring when i'm looking through the Camera. Is this the point the needle should go to, under or top of it, when i'm checking and the battery is ok? Where should be the needle when the Battery is fresh and when should i change the battery? the best thing would be if i got a scan from the manuals specific page, for its easier to see a picture of the neelde and the ring and so on. Thank you all right now! Greetings from germany!

-- Elmar Wiesehan (, November 06, 2001


You have the settings correct. When you activate the the lever from the off position down to the C mark, the meter needle should rise abouve the notch. If it touches the mark, it is time to replace the battery. I still use my FTb ql to teach a photography course. It is still in fine working condition. I have the manual somewhere. If i find it I will forward it to you in .pdf format.

-- Steve Skinner (, November 25, 2001.

I don't think the answer the other party supplied will work with the FT-QL, as it doesn't have the same viewfinder. If you push the ring up on the top of the camera, under the film rewind, the meter needle should go over the "O" in the center of the viewfinder. I do not remember the need to set it at 1/1000 second to do this either. There is a problem with the newer batteries too, as they are too powerful (1.5 V vs. the older mercury batteries at 1.3 V). This causes the light meter to read about 1.5 stops too high. There is a discussion thread about that above this on

-- John Ratliff (, February 17, 2002.

I have a copy of the original manual. Can pdf pages if needed.

-- paul vincent (, February 22, 2002.

Thanks a lot to all of you!!! Finally after lots of tipps from your side, i additionally (say so???) found an old original instruction in a 2nd hand camera store. A wonderful community right here! Greetings from Hannover, germany!


-- Elmar (, March 03, 2002.

My FTQL has written on the ring under the film rewind 100ASA X push to C, I've only just noticed that while changing a film

-- gandalf (, March 23, 2002.

100 asa - X - check!! X -meaning the X (flash sync shutter speed) . I had a problem finding the original rather large Hg-batteries. I found that the common PX675/MR44/2602 battery type works well. It has a smaller diameter but the same height. I have fitted a strip of rubber band to somewhat center it in the battery compartment. This works fine. I do miss a manual though. And would very much appreciate a link or a pdf-file. Thank you

Mads Hammerich

-- Mads Hammerich (, April 05, 2002.

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