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I'm selling my entire Nikon system, which include Nikon F3 High Eye Point body, viewfinder coverage 100%) with MD4 motor drive. Nikon FM2 (Black) body with MD12 motor drive. (use only twice) Nikon lenes: 20mm F2.8 35mm F2 85mm F1.4 180mm F2.8 ED All lenes mounted with Roden Stock UV filter. Condition like new. (99.9%) All Body, motor drive and lenes are still under warantee, and all are still in boxes.

B+W Filter: 72mm PL circular 62mm PL circular Ultra Slim.

Nikon Filter: Nikon Soft 1 72mm

Flash: Mezt 32ct guide no. 32

This set of Nikon system are only for serious Photographer. Please contact me for viewing via E-Mail or call my Hp no. 98320270.

-- Eric Ng (, November 05, 2001

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