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I've lost the format scale for my Bessler MCRX 4x5 enlarger, and am wondering if anyone could give me measurements for each format from the red arrow(pointer) to the top of the plate where the scale attaches. (There's a flat spot there) In this way I could make an aluminum plate to replace it. Thanks for your help!

-- Wayne Crider (, November 05, 2001



Here goes.......

From the Center of the LOWER mounting Screw Hole to the 4x5 mark is 1.050", from the 4x5 mark to the 3.25x4.25 mark is 1.190", from the 3.25x4.25 mark to the 2.25x3.25 mark is 1.000", from the 2.25x3.25 mark to the 2.25x2.25 is 1.000", from the 2.25x2.25 mark to the 35mm mark is 1.570". The overall lenght of the Scale is 7.125". There are slots for the mounting screws which provide .140" worth of adjustment (.070" each side of Center). I hope these are the measurements you are needing and that they are the same on all. All measurements are APROX. and I'll bet if your within a 1/16" or maybe even an 1/8" will give you fair results.

Good Luck,


-- R.L. (Mac) McDonald (, November 05, 2001.

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