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Whilst the Saints rejoice at the home-coming of another Sojourner, we who remain behind are saddened by the thought of another loved one whose voice has been Silent.

Reverend Jack Gordon called to higher service will indeed be remembered for his final "farewll" message at the Cape Annual Conference in Montague held December 2000. Never before have I heard the Reverend expounding the Word of God in such a resolute manner. Those present will indeed remember the serious and earnestness of his voice asking those called to feed God's sheep to walk upright and stop "messing about with the calling" to quote him. "Let us stop chasing the positions in the Church as get on with preaching Christ.. let us stop doing the things that brings our calling to shame" .. how much more serious can the word of God get?

I thank God for the opportunity afforded by the Minister's Alliance when they met last Wednesday to have a service of support to the Gordon family. I could see on Rev. Gordon's face that this meant much more than any financial assistance anyone could give. It was indeed a gesture saying that we care, and to quote the preacher Rev. Dr. Van Stavel matter what God decides ... He is still God, and we will serve Him. God used the 21 minister's present to in some way tell Rev. Gordon that everything's gonna be allright, God is still in control

We at Metropolitan, Mitchells Plain, especially extend a word of comfort to his wife and family, remembering his grand-daughter Octavia who would have been part of the members to be received on 11 November 2001. The Rev. Jack Gordon was to be our preacher on this occassion. God knows best, nothing comes unexpectantly .

The African Methodist Episcopal Church IS that much poorer everytime we have to say goodbye to men of the calibre of Rev. Jack Gordon. There is a BIG gap in the wall that needs to be filled

Well done thou good and faithful servant, you have fought the fight, kept the faith ... and now awaits that glorious crown kept for those who persevere until the end.

He Lives!!!

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2001

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