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What was Poe's background that contributed towards his writings? What were Poe's styles, subjects, forms, and themes of writing?

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2001


He was born into a very poor family. Both his parents died when he was real little. He went to a foster home and had foster parents the Allan's. They had money so he went to boarding schools and he was a very good poet when he was there. He went to college in Virginia and ran up a tab for party bills. Sent them to MR. Allan and he didn't send anything back so from then on him and his foster father didn't get along. He then went to live with his cousins in Baltimore. He married Virginia his cousin. She then died of tuberculious. From then on he was diagnosed as insane and he was a drunk. He either died from rabies or liver diease. So from his childhood up to when he died he was dark and depressed! So thats what he wrote about.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 2001

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