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Hi all,

I'll be doing a round the world trip and would like to document my trip properly, and thus I am looking to buy an SLR camera for my trip.

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to an SLR camera, having never used one before.

So I need pointers and directions as to which camera and lenses to bring along. I have been told by well-meaning (but not necessarily photography addicts) friends as well as reading various articles that bringing 2 lenses would be good enough; one wide angle/normal shots lens and one zoom lens? Is that true? I am most interested in taking scenery shots (ie. glaciers, mountains, sweeping vistas etc.) as well as 'normal' people/places shots.

So would all you photography addicts help me out here please?

Cheers, Rosie

-- Rosie Foo (, November 04, 2001


Hi Rosie,

I'm Eric Ng, I'm selling off my Nikon System. I find that my set are very suitable for your trip. Well, zoom lens is convenient but it is not as sharp as telephoto lenes, with my 11 years of experience. I use manual Canon system in the past but I switch to Nikon 1 year ago. I have 2 camera body, Nikon F3 high eye point with motor drive MD4 and Nikon FM2 with motor drive MD12.

4 telephoto lenses, 20mm F2.8, 35mm F2, 85mm F1.4, 180mm F2.8. All are very sharp lenses. 20mm are ultra wide angle. (It can shoot at a ultra wide angle or group of people with great sharpness and depth of view)

35mm are medium wide angle. (It can shoot at a normal wide angle or people with great sharpness and depth of view)

85mm are medium telephoto for you to shoot far object. (It is best for portrait)

180mm are telephoto for you to shoot far object like mountain far over the other side. (It is best for full-length portrait)

All lenses are mounted with Roden Stock UV Filter. (Made in Germany)

Plus 2 B+W Filter PL circular 72mm and 62mm. (Made in Germany)

All the equipment in my system are still under warranty and all are still pack in the box. Condition Like New (99.9%)

Well, you said you are a beginner don't worry I can teach and explain to you if we have this deal done.

Please give me a call or reply me via e-mail HP No. 98320270.

Yours sincerely, Eric Ng

-- Eric Ng (, November 05, 2001.

Have a Canon EOS 630 RT for sale. Cgeap and user friendly.

-- Christine Tan (, May 27, 2002.

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