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'Doomers' rally to theft suspect's aid

By Lynn Bartels, News Staff Writer

Visitors to a Web site called Timebomb2000 have pledged to raise money to help a Mile High Stadium security guard suspected of stealing Broncos sportswear and violating firearms laws. Stuart Fjeld, who was arrested Monday night at the stadium, was a moderator on the Web site, usually posting information on weapons.

Timebomb2000 is an offshoot of an Internet bulletin board formed because of fears over Y2K.

"We're 'doomers,' " domain owner Dennis Olsen of Wisconsin said Thursday. "Stu's a doomer."

He said the tight-knit group is shocked over Fjeld's arrest, and donors have contributed about $8,000 for his bail and an attorney.

He wasn't sure when the money would reach Fjeld.

"Everybody loves Stu," Olsen said. "He's an avid (gun) collector and as honest as the day is long."

Fjeld, 38, of Aurora, is being held in the Denver City Jail on charges of theft and weapons violations. Police said they confiscated more than two dozen weapons, including a handgun with a silencer and a Chinese SKS assualt rifle, both of which are illegal in Denver.

Detective Edward Leger said Fjeld admitted he took items the Broncos were storing in an office at the old stadium. The Broncos reported the theft Monday.

Vistors to the "Timebomb2000" Web site suggested Fjeld might have been framed by federal officials.

"Sounds like a setup to me," one contributor said. "Be very careful what you say on this forum. The Internet Gestapo is just one keystroke away."

"I can't imagine Stu stealing Bronco trash," another posting reads.

Fjeld has written more than 1,000 postings on the Web site, including this one about stockpiling food:

"On most food items I have 6-9 months for 4 people," Fjeld wrote. "This includes a lot of rice and veggies. The amount of store meat is a bit lacking, as is the water supply. . . . Guns and ammo should last for generations."

In another, he warned about certain homemade silencers, saying the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms constituted them illegal.

Olsen said Fjeld is a former police officer, but he didn't know where.

November 2, 2001

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-- Anonymous, November 03, 2001

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