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Do you want to know one of the nicest things you can do for a husband/wife, child, friend, or neighbor?? Write them a nice letter.

I have made it my goal the last few years to write one nice letter each week. Sometimes it is just a card or quick note. There are so many people around you who are doing small things in a great way. That leter will mean a lot to them.

I have a few letters from my husband that I wouldn't take a million dollars for!!!

So take a little time and write a letter. You will be glad you did!!

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), November 03, 2001


Thanks for reminding me; I need to spend tomorrow afternoon doing just that. Also, in this computer age, I miss the handwritten letters. I have sent a lot of e-mails, but I really treasure the handwritten ones.

-- Cathy N. (keeper8@attcanada.ca), November 03, 2001.

I was in a church meeting once where the speaker told us we ought not to withhold our kind words from others. If we have something nice to say, by all means say it. And he encouraged us all to go home and write a letter to someone and thank them for something. I went home and wrote a note to my son's young nursery song-leader, whom we all loved dearly. Not long afterward, she was killed in an auto accident...We don't always have indefinitely to share kind words with the people we appreciate.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), November 03, 2001.

Hey Melissa, Maybe you should send yourself a nice appreciation card. You have really helped me by hosting this forum and I'd miss it and you a lot if it weren't here. When you sign your name to that card to yourself, put mine under yours. I'll bet others should go on it too. Thanks. Iris

-- Iris (Sar_India@msn.com), November 03, 2001.

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