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Just got back from a brief visit to N.Y.C. at the photo show there at the Javitts center. Not much large format there ...I was seemed almost like an afterthought. Lots of computer stuff though...too bad that dosn't interest me at this time. I got to handle some cool cameras though...a couple of Ebony's 2x3 and 4x5 non-folders for wide angle stuff that were well priced through Bromwell I believe at around $1600 each. I hadn't handled the Ebony previously but seemed sturdy and well made but not as smooth as I had hoped. The Walker Titan ABS camera seemed well made too and weatherproof and goodlooking in stainless steel...Very nice look but not that smooth either.The Arca Swiss was amazing in the smooth as butter dept.WOW!!Gotta love it...everything is geared and just wonderful as are the Linhofs. The Master tech 2000 is a really nice one too with a separate wide angle focusing rail...I'd buy it if it were in 5x7. Anyway... it was a cool way to spend an afternoon and I'm glad some Large format was there...I wonder though why the wood cameras don't seem to be anywhere near the smooth operating quality as even the non-geared Arcas? Is it that hard to attain butter smooth operation on a wooden camera? Also the Bronica rangefinder felt good but a little weighty....and of course the Leica M's...AHHHH yes ....Noctilux. Bye now.

-- Emile de Leon (, November 02, 2001


Hi Emile. I called the Javits center information line, and the pre-recorded message said the show is only open to the trade. I didn't know this. I really wanted to go to the show, but I'm an assistant photographer at a university and don't have any proof that I'm a staff employee. Maybe they wouldn't have let me in anyway (I don't know what exactly "trade" means), but at least I could have checked the matter out during the week and seen if I could register.

Sounds like it's a great show. Hope you slept well, with visions of Noctiluxes dancing in your head...


Is there a similar show for the public?

-- Tony Karnezis (, November 03, 2001.

Hi Tony, It should be easy to get in....but you need to register early over the internet next year...then you get in for free. As I remember... some of the camera shops in N.Y.C. will give you free passes to this convention... Lens and Repro used to do this.If you register at Javitts the day of the show it takes a lot more time(you have to wait on long lines) and you might need proof that you are in the business like a paycheck or a business card...I don't think they are as tough as the other gift/retail shows where you need a tax # to be admitted. You might want to check on this though. Yes Tony...all the new equipment really makes you want to whip out the old credit card....especially this time of year!Hmmmm that noctilux really felt good on the M ....and the Arca or maybe the Linhof...Hmmmm...but do I really need this? Only time will tell! Happy Holidays!

-- Emile de Leon (, November 03, 2001.

The PDN/Javitts show is open to anyone in the trade. An assistant photographer at a University is certainly "in the trade" I registered on line but a friend who came along with me simply registered at the front desk. He is an amateur large format photographer and equipment enthusiast.

The point is its open to anyone who is "in the trade" They don't require anyone to "prove" they are "in the trade" I think they convey that information because the show would not be of particular interest to the ordinary amateur snapshooter.

I thought the show was excellent and well attended. I visited with Canham, Wisner, Schneider, RTS, Walker/Bromwell, Arca Swiss, etc etc. Even Marty Forscher was there saying "hello" to old friends.

Steve Grimes

-- Steve Grimes (, November 04, 2001.

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