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We have a Digitrax Super Chief II Premium system. Puchased and extra throttle (DT-300R). I have a transformer (120 vac\24 vac\12 vac). The 24 vac secondary actually measures 25.3 volts ac on a fluke (unloaded). The 12 vac secondary actually measures about 14 vac (unloaded). Would like to connect the 24 vac secondary to the DCS-100 Control/Booster. This would give more than ample power (this transoformer puts out up to around 8 amps). Will this damage the DCS-100? Do I need to drop the output voltage and how can I do it?

The transformer can only be wire one of the two ways (either 12 vac secondary or 24 vac secondary). The primary is always set for 120 vac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


-- Mike and Jeff (nsdra@inreach.com), November 02, 2001


Having a high current transformer isn't a problem. Just fuse the output for safety in case something happens to the booster.

Using this particular transformer, I'd run it on the 12V, rather than the 24V output taps. On the 24V taps, your booster will run hotter - perhaps hot enough for it to prematurely shut down. It will certainly need to be well ventilated if you use the 24V tap. I don't recall if the manual says a 24V transformer is okay. I think it is. I just suggest that you don't.

Note that 12VAC will rectify and filter to something higher than that minus the voltage drop through the booster.

Give 12V a try. The worst thing that will happen is that your max speed on your trains may be too slow for you.

Important note: All your boosters need to present the same track voltage. If you only have one of these and it's track voltage is lower than the rest of your boosters, I suggest that you use this transformer for something else, like lighting buildings. Make sure all your boosters are putting out the same thing.

If you like the speed okay, you can tweak down the output voltage of your other boosters to be the same as this one.

-- Allan Gartner (wiringfordcc@augustmail.com), November 04, 2001.

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