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I have recently picked up an older Omega D2 that does not have any provision for filters between light source and lens. Do I have any choice but to put the filters in a filter holder beneath the lens and if so, will it have any affect on the image? Thanks ....... Jack

-- J. L. Frost (, November 02, 2001


This was my question a few weeks ago.

According to Steve Anchell, who's written a very authoritative book on VC printing, he's tested to try to determine a difference between below and above the lens filtration, and he can't detect that one exists. Others on this forum came to the same conclusion.

One piece of advice that Anchelle and others offer is that the filter should be as close to the lens as reasonably possible, say within 1/4 inch. One other thing is that you want to get filters that are good for below the lens use. For example, some filters are made out of thick plastic, and these would be inappropriate for that use.

-- neil poulsen (, November 02, 2001.

I have had good results hand holding clean Ilford Multigade filters just below the lens on my D2. Moving the filter slightly avoids possible print through of defects.

-- Robert Chambers (, November 07, 2001.

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