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Would like to convert our new GS4 Day Light to DCC. Would prefer a Digitrax decoder. I've heard that a DH121 or DH142 would work fine. One thing we would like to keep operational (for my son) is the smoke generator. Would like to turn the smoke generator on or off with the decoder via a function, if possible. If we can't do this, and must keep it running (smoking) all the time, what size resistor (if any)would need to be placed in series with the smoke generator to keep it from burning up on DCC? Will the smoke generator burn up on DCC after the decoder is installed? We currently run it on channel zero on the club layout without any problems, but DCC is new to the club at this time (it's my Digitrax Super Chief II Premium system and throttles being used by the club so they can get acclamted to DCC). Since very few members have decoders in their locomotives yet, it would be nice to get one in this one so it can be run anytime, not just when there are no other analog locomotives running. In addition, this will further show the club members that anything that can be done with analog can be done with DCC (and then some), including (hopefully) keeping smoke generators for those that want them (normally the kids). Most of us run diesels. Any help would be appreciated.


-- Mike Burghardt (, November 02, 2001


As long as the function output you intend to use is good for 200mA, you will not have a problem. When I tested my GS4 smoke unit, it drew about 160mA. However, the Bachmann GS4 smoke unit is EXTREMELY delicate. I broke mine trying to attach wires to it. Don't touch the smoke "rod." It appears to be glass and will snap right off. Since the ends of the smoke unit wires are wrapped around plastic, how you attach wires without stressing the "rod" even the slightest bit is your challenge. Electrically, there is no challenge.

-- Allan Gartner (, November 04, 2001.

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