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So...what are everyones plans for the weekend?

Tomorrow we plan on driving to Appleton and doing some shopping. Groceries are cheaper in the bigger stores, unfortunately. We have to go to the Mall as DH bought some dress pants that don't fit well.

Sunday, of course, is church. After that our church sponsors a hugh turkey dinner with all the trimmings. It is a lot of work, and it brings in a welcome amount of money. This year I didn't volunteer for anything as I'm being careful until all the medical tests are complete.

Hubby has a few chores outside he wants to do and I have the inevitable laundry.

-- Ardie from WI (, November 02, 2001


Well, pooh, was all set to go deer hunting this weekend with my brother and nephew(opening day tomorrow in our county), when Mom calls me last night to tell me she had a screw imbedded in one of her tires. I got to feeling guilty leaving her in the lurch and promised I would take care of it Saturday. I could still make a hunt, but the weather is hot, windy and a full moon. Maybe next weekend would be better. Also give me a chance to catch up on some honey-do's.

Wife and I came back from a sonogram with news on her pregnancy; she is five months and, God willing, will deliver a healthy baby girl in late March. My three year old boy is still pretty rough with me, but treats Mom with kid gloves; who sez babies don't know anything. Have a good weekend, everybody.

-- j.r. guerra (, November 02, 2001.

Getting ready for DD's sleepover birthday party: tie dye t shirts and shrinky dink (home made)charm bracelets. Hope to pick up the chestnuts, walnuts and pecans just waiting for me. Want to do some significant organizing and taking things to goodwill. Hope to make a few christmas presents and to start wrapping and writing down what I have already. Must decide what to do with baby goat (movable dog pens?) when she is ready to go outside. She really is a sweetie and has the sweetest disposition. I love to see her little tail waggin'. Hope y'all have a happy healthy weekend. Don't forget to love all your babies no matter how big and kiss your elders.Love them all whether they need or deserve it!

-- Ann Markson (, November 02, 2001.

Howdy, all!

Ooooohhhh, how I am enjoying this forum! Nice change of pace from perpetual goat questions! Let's see....

Well, don't know 'bout tonight - DH is out hunting this afternoon, so my evening depends on whether he brings a deer home or not. If so, we'll be skinning and quartering the carcass, storing it in the fridge downstairs to age it (too warm to hang outdoors). Otherwise, who knows - maybe a pizza and a movie rental.

Saturday - I hope to make up a load of applesauce in the canner tomorrow morning, while the kids clean their room (again). DH will be hunting again, I am sure. The afternoon will be spent at the local IGA, with the kids from Sunday School, collecting canned goods for the local food pantry.

Sunday - Church, of course, then after coffee hour, I will be back out in the garden, finishing planting the last pound of garlic. Figure that'll bring the potential total of garlic plants (I hope, I hope)to over 300!!! We ***love*** garlic here at the DeCaro household!!! With any kind of luck (and a cooperative weather pattern), I'll be giving garlic braids for Christmas next year - and maybe even replanting instead of buying more!

-- Judi (, November 02, 2001.

Tonight, Barbecue and a movie, tomorrow, workout at the Y, rent floor machine, work on floors at remodel job. Sunday, work on floors. Sunday night, collapse.

-- Rose (, November 02, 2001.

I'm undecided about what to do tomorrow. I should work as I usually do on Saturdays but the weather is so nice I'm tempted to take off and go up to South Bend to see Tennessee vs. Notre Dame. It seems a shame to spend a nice day (especially in November) indoors when I could be there.

Either way, Sunday will be spent doing the last little bits of winterization (re-fixing things I thought were already fixed until the last big windstorm) around my place then some plumbing and glazing for my Mom at hers. After that I'll take her out to dinner as has become our Sunday habit. ;o)

For the record, I absolutely detest plumbing work and will gladly pay to have my own done. For my Mom, however, I will contort my body into totally unnatural positions and scrape up my hands in order to replace some leaking pipe for her. I can't hire someone to do that there as then she'd want to pay for it herself (a totally unacceptable thing for me).

She's also gotten wise to my having people come over and do work and then having her reimburse me for it later. I think I overdid when I tried to convince her that the two layer tear-off and reroof of her house a couple years ago was $300 total for labor, materials and dumping. I think one of her neighbors ratted me out on that one. ;o)

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

-- Gary in Indiana (, November 02, 2001.

Work, Work, Work,...Finish geese pen,put up gate on hog pen,finish garden fence. Christmas, christmas, christmas, grocery shopping, Church, and finally butcher chickens.Weekends are now full because the children in my daycare don't leave until 5:30 and it's dark by then almost I have no time to do anything.!!!

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, November 02, 2001.

Our kids are coming tonight to stay with us for the weekend. We have lots planned! Mike has to work a half day at his night job but works in the early morning on Saturdays.So I'll be able to sleep in tommorow, till 5:45 a.m.!!!! Normally I'm up by 4:30 a.m. top get ready to go to work(I drive a school bus) While Mike's at work I'll do laundry and clean the house. When he gets back we will be doing yard work as in taking down limbs and getting rid of junk.

Sunday will be our fun day!!!! The Blue Angels are putting on an air show this weekend in Jacksonville Beach so we will stay down there allday. This is my first air show but have been watching them practice for the last 2 days since my route is at the beach. Can't wait till Sunday!! Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

-- Sandy(N.E.FL.) (, November 02, 2001.

This weekend? If I told ya'll----ya'll wouldn't believe it. Lil Dumplin and the old hillbilly are "road trippin". Yeah--we be mates! old hoot, the HEALED hillbilly from Illinois, gibson. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, November 02, 2001.

I go to massage therapy school on the weekends, so I'll be in class from 9 til 6 on Saturday and Sunday. Tonight I'm cooking for our belated Samhain feast tomorrow night. It's going to be an extra- special celebration because it's also the one-year anniversary of our worship group. I'm supposed to bring a side-dish and a dessert, so I'm making scalloped potatoes and persimmon pudding. This is my first try at persimmon pudding so I hope that it turns out. Sunday night is usually laundry night around here. I really need to get outside and finish cleaning out the garden but it's been getting dark so early that I haven't had a chance yet.

-- Sherri C (, November 02, 2001.

Painting the kitchen (yuk) and of course church on Sunday.

-- Kathy (, November 02, 2001.

Saturday Hubby is taking the kids to a cowboy festival and a few other fun things. I get to have the whole day to myself!

Sunday is church. We are having a potluck dinner. I'm making a veggie casserole (not quite as interesting as Sherri's persimmon pudding -- let me know how it turns out!). Then we are having a grandbaby shower for one of the older women at church. This will be her first grandchild. When I get home I'll take a nap then spend the rest of the day getting ready for the rest of the week.

-- Jo (, November 02, 2001.

Hello Ardie, This weekend is where I start wiring our house. We are living in it right now and I want to get the electricity hooked up before winter. I might do a little hunting too. Sincerely, Ernest

-- (, November 03, 2001.

Sunday, church and football. I am a real Chiefs fan. J.R. Our son just e-mailed us that their baby, due in March also, is 60% girl-40% boy. Took this old granny a little while to figure that one!

-- Barb Fischer (, November 03, 2001.

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