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Hello all,

I am afraid that this is a bit of an odd-ball question, I just picked up a Super Rollex 6 x 7 back brand new but second hand (unused), I dont know how old it is, judging by the box I would say 70's-80's.

Anyway the point is not the condition it is the fact that the thing looks grat but doesn't work. The large rubber roller is so stiff that it does not allow the film to be properly wound on, it makes it slip, there apears to be no way to reset the counter, it just stays on 0.

Now am I missing the point? I mean I load Rolleis, Hassys, Old Leica 3s, and according to that logic the film is put on right and the wind on lever moves the spool, it is just that neither the big rubber roller or the film counter want to participate.

Easy fix? Am I doing it wrong? Should I look for another brand?

PS this thing weighs a ton, and there is a bit of "play" when loaded onto the back of the Master Tecniica, are more modern ones lighter?

-- adrian tyler (, November 01, 2001


Hi....I went through a lot of 6x9 Super Rollex backs before I found one that worked right and that was only after the photo store sent it back to Marflex in N.J. to be fixed .It seems a lot of these get mishandled and look great on the outside but broken up inside.If it's a tan one there are no parts available so stay away from those and get a Black super Rollex only.It sounds like yours needs a overhaul...maybe Marflex.Also it should be firm on the back of the camera...if it's really beat it will easily wiggle on the back of camera. After Marflex fixed mine it works flawlessy. Good luck.

-- Emile de Leon (, November 01, 2001.

The combination of interlocks that sense that the lid is closed, the film counter and the release slide control the operation of the rubber roller. The rubber roller not rolling with the lid open doesn't mean that the roller is broken.

Operation is to advance the film until the advance lever locks, take the photo, then move the release slide button, then advance the lever again.

Why don't you ask the seller how to use it? If it is broken, consider asking for your money back. If it had never been used, the chances of it being broken are exceedingly small. If it was sold as brand new, you should certainly have a right to a working back. Also, what are the chances that a several decade old item has never been used?

-- Michael Briggs (, November 01, 2001.

Adrian, the previous poster is right. The fat roller is for measuring the beginning of the film and then every shot frame. It isn't to be freely rotated. The diameter of measuring roller differs depending on the format of the back: 6 X 6, 6 X 7, 6 X 9. The last version of Super Rolex in black is in producing from early 80es (?) till now.


-- victor randin (, November 02, 2001.

Thanks guys, yes it is black and acording to a description by Bob Solomon on this forum it is one of the latest models. Loading the film round the rubber roller onto the takeup spool, closing, no problem. Winding on is when things are going wrong, film straining and rubbing againt the rubber roller which is not moving freely, causing uneven wind-on, even sounds bad.

Anyway my camera shop is a sort of lost and found / aladdins cave type place, I took the thing to try out, it took them 3 weeks to find it amongst all the stuff so I recon that if the price is ok, Ill have to send it to Marflex, or here in Europe to Germany, if I keep it that is.

-- adrian tyler (, November 02, 2001.

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