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Hi i just buy Compact VHS (VHS-C) Model GR-FXM270A (JVC) but i don't know converting to vcd? Please suggest to me.

Thank you apple

-- piyaporn hongmen (, November 01, 2001


My advice is to return that camera and purchase a digital-8 model.


1. analog-no firewire port: how will you digitize the signal to capture into your computer's non-linear editing sortware?

A. Dazzle Hollywood DV Bridge- roughly $300 So you can see that the few dollars you saved will be quickly spent elsewhere.

2. Many D8 cameras have analog/digital converters built-in (check first before buying)

A. Any home movies on vhs can be converted to digital and stored on a cd.

B. Blank 8mm tapes are 50% the price of mini-dv.

Also, is your computer prepared to edit video? Do you have the necessary software? Do you have a cd burner? Do you have the correct software to burn video-cds?

Computer video editing is very CPU intensive; additionally there is a substantial learning curve...

I don't want to appear negative, but there is much more to creating a vcd than purchasing a vhs-c camera.

For more info on vcd, go to:

-- Mark Clement (, November 01, 2001.

I am not download DVC 3.62 version ????? Where is DVC 3.62 download internet address ???

-- Gokhan UYGUN (, November 03, 2001.

The above response will give you the best results, since the video source is already digital, but if you keep your VHS-C camcorder, you will have to do the following. It is very time consuming, but it works.

Install an analog video capture card that can capture in a format at or close to that required by the VCD format (352x240). Some cards can capture directly to an MPG format, but reasonably priced ones do this via software, which means if you don't have a kick-ass machine, you will drop frames. Capture to uncompressed AVI format, using a program such as VirtualDub (freeware), which also allows sequential avi captures so you do not exceed the avi file size maximums. Then use a good encoder to convert to mpg format. TMPGEnc is another great freeware product that gives better results than some software that costs a lot of money. The create the VCD using either EZ CD Creator Deluxe or Nero.

-- Wayne Howard (, November 06, 2001.

I have a pinnacle studio (8) card . I have many problems to use Pro and plus and i have the problem to capture audio and video. And i have the problem to register the product . My card is just have video in and video out please tell me that how i can capture and store audio.

-- Asim mir (, April 11, 2004.

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