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I bought a new DVD Player Thomson DTH 4000 .In the user manual it said that it is capable to read Video CDs 12 & 8 cm . I have built a Video CD using La Cie 4X4X16 Recorder plus Toast Titanium software but my Thomson Player is not able to read .Why .I am able to read via my DVD player in my Mac G4

Can some one tell-me why ?

Thank-you for the collaboration

S. Pitre

-- Silvio Pitre' (, October 31, 2001


Did you use CD-R or CD-RW? There is no listing for your specific model on the VCD compatibility list on, but some of the Thomson players listed won't play CD-R disks, and I'm assuming some may not play CD-RW either.

Good luck, Rod

-- Rod (, November 01, 2001.

The DTH 4000 officially does not support CD-Rs or CD-RWs ( only the more expensive models of the 4xxx series do since they have the dual laser optics). However, you may have better luck when using the respective other media since typically the design of the cheaper pickup optics allow reading at least one of these disc types - even if it is just from one brand :-). I know a few Philips or Sony models able to play reliably CD-Rs (but no CD-RWs) and have a RCA player able to play CD-RWs (but no CD-Rs).

I already got some grey hair considering problems like that. Right now I search for a player able to playback MP3 CD-Rs where I store the music in different sessions - like we know it from the computer world.

-- Axel Kochale (, November 06, 2001.

Hi Silvio, I have same problem you are mentioning. I believe the dvd player could be able to play vcd ad cd-r and cd-rw too. I suppose there is a such hw limitation (i.e jumping or something like that) to avoid above type of reading just to be on the respect of the law.

I'm looking for somebody who knows what to modify to allow such reading.

Do you know it?

Let me know. Bye, bye Vittorio

-- vittorio de angelis (, December 25, 2001.


sorry I' afraid I also cannot help you,

But I'm also searching for someone who can make the DTH 4000 running/ enabling to read CD-R or CD RW.

Do you know about or can you confirm that there is any HW- or SW- restriction or ristriction by law, which unables the DTH 4000 to run CD-R?

Are there any SW-Updates reliable for "upgrading" the DTH 4000.

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer


-- Andreas Lunz (, January 02, 2002.

I have bought the dth 400 too. There is only on brand of cdr that the player is capable to read: the platinum 80 Recordable.

-- Joschka (, January 20, 2002.

I think you can update the firmware in the dth 4000 with the firmware from the dth 4200, because I think there is the same hardware inside. I have opened the Player today, looking for jumpers and switches inside, but there is only one, that switches out the drive.

-- Joschka (, January 21, 2002.

Good day.....

Considering that a dth-4000 doesn't have a dual laser, It won't be able to read cd-r or rw's. But... there is an option as the DTH-4000 is built out of the same components as the DTH-4200, so probably the dual laser that is used in the dth-4000 will fit in the dth-4000.So if you are willing to spend some money and work on it...

Bets regards.


-- M van de Waal *The Netherlands* (, February 11, 2002.

Hello , I am German. Ive bought the DTH 4000 also because of compability to mp3 and stuff... As ive read in this Group, nobody has an answer. Wir sollten Thompsen verkalgen, odddrrr?

-- gaga (, April 29, 2002.

From my investigations DTH-4000 and DTH-4200 are HW identical up to the firmware (but I might be wrong) so I will try placing a DTH 4200 eprom into the DTH 4000 to see what happens (I should get at least the ability to play back MP3s). About firmware there is an excellent site (search in Google by entering "DTH-4000 upgrade") and look at the first reference.


-- teo (, September 27, 2002.

CORRECTION: search google with "DTH-4000 firmware"

-- teo (, September 27, 2002.

I have the same problem... I'm searching how to make my DTH-4000 read VideoCd or S-VIDEOCd that I created... it read without problems the bought ones... if someone has some news.....

-- Marco (, September 28, 2002.


I tried many different cd-r and cd-rw media, but I wasn't able to play one with my dth-4000. I think it is just not capable of playing these media because of its outdated laser-pickup.

Greets Jens

-- J. Dannenberg (, October 06, 2002.

Try CDr from "VIVASTAR"!It works on DTH 4000!!!

-- Dirk (, October 26, 2002.

Do you know where it's possible to buy these cd-r VIVASTAR... I'd like a lot to try them! :)

-- Marco (, November 13, 2002.

I finally found and tried the cd-r Vivastar. I have to announce you that the trying was UNSUCCESSFULL My Thomson DTH-4000 is not reading even VIVASTAR cd-r...

-- Marco (, April 04, 2003.

many pbs to found these vivastar here in Tunisia...but tried to burn 3 of them (thanks to my friend), and...they do not want (svcd with nero 5.5.10 *2)!! Because "fixation error" at the end of burning...i have another brand who contain this FAMOUS phtocynanine n8; PRINCO! I found here a princo...but cdrw...ok for burning (svcd)...but doesn't WORK in my dth 4000!!!What is the solution of all that???

-- Karim (, April 21, 2003.

I own a DTH-4000 and have tried with all kinds of media. I have only been succesfull with Vivastar. There are two versions of the 80 min discs and sadly enough it only works with the old type. Vivastar changed the media and now the player does not recognize the discs! Buy a new player instead ..

-- Niklas (, August 02, 2003.

Can me anybody helpme with my Thomson DTH 4000. Is dealer locked. Need help.

-- Stankovic Ondrej (, August 15, 2003.

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