quality of vcd's on psx?

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Ive looked about and cant really find information on the quality of vcd's played on the psx. I would like to hear actual users opinions of them. With also which card they have and model of psx (a link to the seller would also be nice although im not sure if this is allowed)

do the internal cards work as well as the external cards? just after general info from actual owners/users. like quality compared to dedicated players and dvd players.



-- Richard Turkey (richy_turkey_roo@hotmail.com), October 31, 2001


Never buy REdant Movie card: it stop playing vcd 5 or 6 minutes befores the end of each CDs !!!! It's a peace of shit...

-- juju (sebju@club-internet.fr), November 12, 2001.

Hey I have never used this card, but i have found out a way to convert DVD to PSX format, for this you have to buy no hardware, or anything, it's a pretty long process, and took me a reallly long time to find out how to do it yet, I recenlty created a site on it. www.gotco.url.cjb.net , go there and it has everything, if you have any questions you can instant message me on AIM, DevilRocks16. I have no problem helping anyone:)

-- Thomas Johnson (DevilRocks15@yahoo.com), June 07, 2004.

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