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Hello Ive run accross an Arca-Swiss F-Basic but Iam Iam confused becase I have heard that there is an A,B,C model and then the newer F-line basic. If anyone could shed some light on the differences between the older and newer model or a web site that has information.

-- Max vonNiederhausern (, October 31, 2001


Arca-Swiss does not have a web site up, but TheFStop does have some Arca-Swiss pages up. You can look here at

-- Jennifer Waak (, October 31, 2001.

the Arca-Swiss F- Basic is , I think, the same as the ArcaSwiss Classic. be aware that the camera that preceeded the Arca-Swiss "F" cameras were known as basics, and there were tat least three models:

the Basic A, an axis tilt design.

The Basic B, a base tilt design

the Basic AB model which has a base-and-axis tilt model.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, November 02, 2001.

As far as I can tell (as owner of an Arca F basic), the differences between the ``basis'' and ``classic'' model are: While the non-collapsing monorail really tends to get into the way when packing the camera (I switched mine against the collapsable rail of the ``C'' version very soon), I actually prefer the screw locks over the clamps (but this is just a matter of personal taste).
I heard rumours about the F-line basic not being available anymore (backed up by the latest pricelist I have, where this models doesn't seem to appear anymore).

I can recommend the F-line basic - it's a really fine camera

-- Stefan Dalibor (, November 02, 2001.

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