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This is one of those "I don't know which category fits" posts.

Today is cloudy; temp's in the upper thirties. Perfect weather for having a campfire and imagining we are wagon-training west in late fall/early winter.

We lost a spruce tree in a storm a while back. After the landlord took the trunk for lumber, we were left with the top and all the branches. So this week we started burning it. Today, we got the fire going and set up a "stove" with four bricks laid side by side almost in the fire with an old hard drive cover for a reflector. On the bricks we set a small stew pot and a coffee pot from our camping supplies; both were filled with water. Some of the children like their hot dogs boiled; we used the stew pot for that. The rest of us used hot dog sticks to roast over the coals. When the coffee pot water boiled, we had hot chocolate.

Every now and then, either Nathanael or Josiah would use the axe or the hatchet to cut some more spruce to keep the fire going. After eating, we sat around to read the next chapter of "Rainbow Valley", the 7th book of the "Anne of Green Gables" series. While I read, the children kept saying, "Look, it's snowing." I assumed they were talking about the way the ashes were blowing over the garden. Then someone said, "Mom, it's snowing," at the same time that I felt something cold and wet on my cheek. I jumped up and yelled, "Quick! Get the laundry basket and get the stuff off the line!" We quickly cleaned up the food and got the laundry in, and I raked up the coals to let them die overnight.

We had a fun time; the children look forward to burning the rest of the spruce--I'd say we have enough for another week if the wind doesn't start to blow.

-- Cathy N. (keeper8@attcanada.ca), October 31, 2001


Sounds like fun!!

I usually put these kind of stories under the category of "Relections". All of these day to day tales of family life are welcome from everyone. It is fun to see what other people are doing!

You are a good Mom,Cathy!

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), October 31, 2001.

When will i get to burn things at your house?? you always have all the fun. =)

-- jillian (sweetunes483@yahoo.com), November 02, 2001.

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