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I was searching the internet looking for the answer to today's stumper and typed in keyword murder. there is a place to see how likely it is for you to be a victem of murder they ask all types of questions and then rate your score.

-- mindy (speciallady@countrylife.net), October 31, 2001


You really can find anything on the internet can't you???

I figure my risk is probably pretty low, and I plan to keep it that way!

-- Melissa (cmnorris@1st.net), October 31, 2001.

My risk for murder and assault rated low, but my risk for burglary rated on the low end of moderate. Guess I'll fix that.

-- Cathy N. (keeper8@attcanada.ca), October 31, 2001.

Hello Mindy, Where we live there is no worry about being murdered, unless you are a squirrel or deer! Sincerely, Ernest

-- http://communities.msn.com/livingoffthelandintheozarks (espresso42@hotmail.com), November 01, 2001.

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