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A resplendent sun drenched the morning with satin yellow as she turned on limbs that ached after yesterday’s climb. Suddenly aware of her little tent, she jumped up to see outside. All year they had talked of this. Monte Perdido – The Lost Mountain. He had so wanted to show her the most beautiful vista in the world, to wake up to it as on the first day of Creation. So, after three days walking, they climbed to the top in the dark.

Her first glimpse stunned her. Giant, ancient mountains everywhere, dropping into deep hungry gorges. The air tasted like new life. Then she found him. He sat with his arms clasped around his shins.

Sitting beside him, she whispered his name. No response. “Are you okay?” she asked. He blurted, “I so wanted to show you the view from the top of Perdido!” “And isn’t it cool!” she said affectionately. He pointed across the deep gorge, “That’s Perdido, there! We climbed the wrong mountain!”

So she took his loose arm, pulled it around her shoulder, snuggled into him and said, “D’you know why I love you? Because even your mistakes can turn out wonderful.”

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001


Nice story Raymond, I am enjoying your writing talent.

-- Anonymous, November 02, 2001

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