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Since its too late to invite everybody to go trick or treating together, Im announcing the first annual SF History Forum scavenger hunt! The rules are very simple: Hunters must bring back items that will fit (or that they claim will fit) into a standard Emporium Christmas shopping bag (and whoever can come up with Emporium bags for everybody wins something to be decided on later).

Ill start:

(1) I will go to 544 Pacific Avenue and fetch the opium pipe that honest-to-gosh was unearthed during remodeling.

(2) I will go to the Chronicle and retrieve the letters left out of SF History Forum.

-- Rosa Debonneheure (, October 31, 2001



"رہبانيۃ" ترك دنیا كہ دہشت گردی؟ محمد شیخ زندیق كے باطل افكار

خليفه اول خليفۂ رسول الله صلی اللہ عليہ وسلم بلا فصل

-- اشتهار (Your@Email.Address), October 19, 2003.

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