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Great score on 1942 Hisa!!

I just watched your amasing all clear recording of 1942.

Not miss at all (Except the point maximising at the 50k plane on the last but one stage)

Just one question... Why did you delete the score about 30 minutes later? You canīt claim that this one was poor :=)



-- QRS (, October 31, 2001


WHAT? I missed a Hisa recording? NOOOOOOO!!! ;)

-- Barry Rodewald (, October 31, 2001.

Is this the same recording as the only Hisa-Chan did a while back containing 1942.inp, checksum 670e77eb? If it's a different one could you email me a copy - I'd love to see it. It appears that the enigmatic Hisa-Chan may be playing games with us yet again.

-- Tim Morrow (, November 03, 2001.

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