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On Nov.1 Various Denominations will celebrate All Saints Day. I just found out from my Episcopal Colleague that Absolom Jones is a Saint in the Episcopal Church and that he even has his own Saint Day. The episcopal church lifts St. Absolom Jones up regularly in their liturgy along with Bishop Richard Allen. Think of Bishop Absolom Jones tomorrow as Episcopalians around the world honor him.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001


Hi Rev. Rogers:

Interesting... in what context does the episcopal church refer to Richard Allen and Absalom Jones?

I missed you at Planning Meeting. Were you there? I was so looking forward to meeting you.

Linda Barta

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

When Absolom Jones was thrown out of St. George church he went to the episcopal church. For the Episcopal church was outraged about the treatment of Absolom Jones and Richard Allen. Absolom Jones became a Bishop in the episcopal church and he is also a Saint in the denomination. Richard Allen is very much loved in the Episcopal Church and they are very proud of the church Richard Allen founded. Richard Allen's name is often cited in Episcopalian liturgy for congregations to remember. I feel a special bond with the Episcopal church for how they treated Absolom Jones and that they hold Richard Allen in such high regard. At our one year anniversary we have invited the priest and the congregation of our Episcopal Church and the priest will share the story of Absolom Jones. So the next time you pass an episcopal church be proud to know their history is intwined with our AME history.

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

OOPS I made a mistake Absalom Jones was the first african-american to be ordained a priest in the Episcopal church. Thanks brother Robert for catching the mistake:-)

-- Anonymous, November 01, 2001

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