diffusion w/Profoto Ringlight

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Regarding the Profoto Ringflash I would share this with anyone interested. I purchased a couple of pieces of plexiglass and used a template and compass attached to a woodworking router to rout the plexiglass into a circular ring which covers the reflector portion of the ringlight.

The inner opening of the plexiglass has a diameter so that it can be fastened to the ringflash under the 4 thumbscrews(you might have to scape out a little at the 4 locations where the plexiglass fits under the 4 thumbscrews) securing the reflector to the ringflash.

You can then tape diffusion to the plexiglass in variable degrees. I made two plexiglass rings with different strengths of diffusion, and when I'm using a ringlight for portraits, I alternate between the ringflash w/no diffusion, light diffusion, and heavier diffusion. Polaroids tell me which one to use.

I do this because on some portraits, the ringlight tends to burn up the a small central area of the face on an individual with an very angular features with steep 'falloff'. Then instead of having that ringflash 'look', you end up with a smaller and harsher 'hot spot'. The diffusion tends to smooth this out.

I suppose that in lieu of a router, you could also buy some thin plexiglass and try scribing it with a xacto-knife around a template to get the plexiglass the right shape( even though I haven't tried this). Hope this helps anybody who is interested.

-- Jonathan Brewer (lifestories@earthlink.net), October 29, 2001

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