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My family and I just moved back to Okla. from Fl. We came in via the Indian Nations Turnpike. Of all of the highways traveled from Fl. to Okmulgee this one had to be the absolute worst! The free roads are better than this. We drove two vehicles and it cost us $15.00 per car. Driving on this turnpike was like riding a bucking bronc! We have done a lot of traveling and this has to be the worst roads that we ever traveled. I wonder how many vehicles travel this turnpike. I know they are raking in a lot of money. Where is the money going?! It is obviously not for the maintenance of the highway! It is my understanding that the whole reason for turnpikes is to have better, faster roads on which to travel. The Indian Nations Turnpike is a true embarressment to Okla.!! I am planning to follow up with a phone call to the Turnpike Authority and a letter to the Editer in our local newspaper. I am not one to usually complain. In this case, I feel that folks traveling this turnpike are being taken advantage of.

-- Debbie Standridge (, October 29, 2001


Virtually ALL roads and bridges are an embarrassment to Oklahoma. Especially when you consider that less than half the revenues collected to maintain them are spent on other things. Oklahoma is serioulsly mis-managed and the poor bridges and roads are just ONE example of that. I say we vote out EVERY incumbent in our offices and get people who KNOW what they are doing to manage our state. Our friends in Texas can teach us a lot about how to be a progressive state.

-- chris j cravens (, November 20, 2002.

Get a life....! Geez! Drive in a few other states. There are lots of worse roads and some better. Arkansas is terrible. Drive to Alaska sometime! ( I am here now) Drive on Canada's roads.UggggHHhh!!! And Florida has got to have the world's record for roads under construction.


-- Winston Cardwell (, March 04, 2003.

In response to Winston Cardwell: FYI, I have a life. Obviously you didn't understand my post, maybe you should re-read it! As for Arkansa, that is the way we usually travel to and from Florida and those roads aren't anywhere near as bad as the Indian Nations Turnpike AND they are free! I agree that Florida has LOTS of road construction and that it can be a pain sometimes. However, I can live with that... at least I know that the money earmarked for roads are being spent on the roads and that folks aren't being taken advantage of!

In response to Chris J Cravens: I totally agree that Oklahoma is seriously mis-managed and I understand what you mean by the roads being just one example! I was born and raised in Oklahoma and lived in Florida for 16 years. I can't speak for all of Oklahoma... I know that for me and my family, coming to Okmulgee County has been like going back twenty years in time! Someone needs to teach Oklahoma how to become a progressive state!!

-- Debbie Standridge (, March 05, 2003.

Geez W.c...... I guess you must be a tried and true Okie with the attitude that if you don't care for our roads don't try to change them just leave the state. The problem is that the road is a toll raod and I think if you are going to charge for something then it should at least be in a condition that merits the price. The other roads you speak of are free roads, so you can't lump them in with ones that you pay for. Oh, also, Yes Florida roads are always being worked on, duh, does that give you hint that maybe they care about their roads. I believe that is one of Oklahomas' problems is that no one cares to take an active part in the state, therefore, the funds that are available for improvement must be being diverted somewhere else, Where? Also, this isn't Debbie but her husband, Val, and I travel these very roads every day as I have many other states and have found that Oklahomas' roads are very outdated and in poor shape.

-- Debbie Standridge (Vstandridge, March 05, 2003.

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