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The joy of serving the Lord is always my strength.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church in Namibia is entering a new phase. When we broke away from the colonial German Missionary Society on July 3rd, 1946 the Namibian pioneers' primary objective was the upliftment of Namibians. Achievement of political independence on March 23rd, 1990 did not however solve our socio-economic problems. During the past six months the AME Church has been on consultation with Comrade President Sam Nujoma, and new doors are opening up very soon. We are thankful to God for this opportunity that the Namibia Annual Conference is soon to establish a business arm to get involved in the grape industry along the Fish River (natural southern border with South Africa) on a project called Aussenkher.

In my capacity as the Project Coordinator, we are calling upon business people all over the world, who are ineterested in doing business in Namibia and investing in an AME enterprise, to contact me at: Telephone +264-61-222226 or +264-61-237966 Facsimile +264-61-237968 Email: Cell/Mobile +264-812473022

The targetted beneficiary is our Association Not For Gain, called the African Methodist Episcopal Church Development Initiative (AMECDI), with the mission of involving in diaconical work and the building of churches and parsonages in Namibia.

God bless Rev. Willem Simon Hanse AMECDI Project Aussenkher COORDINATOR

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2001


Rev. Hanse it is so good to hear from you. And what a fabulous project God has given you to undertake, I am so happy and excited. This year has seen many miracles in Namibia. I have a prayer request for you. In the United States there are about 500 Black farms going out of business every week. Our Black farmers are still dealing with a legacy of racism when it comes to getting farm loans and substities that our white farmers are receiving. Please lift them in prayer. One last thing I was awed by the fact that your economic development program is based on grapes. From which we get grape juice for communion. I know your project will succeed for it is a spiritual venture. Please give my love to all my family in Namibia. Especially my brother Rev. Biwa.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2001

Dear Rev. Hanse Thanking and Praising God for his goodness I am pleased to advise you that my associate (Rev. Dr. Leonard Santucci) were in meetings at the Sixth District last week. One of the meetings was to investigate the creation of a corporation to initiate new economic projects in Africa.We have already met with Bishop Preston W Williams of the 17th Episcopal District and are comitting to the construction of 6 (potential) new Churches by next summer. We would be pleased to work with you as well. While Dr.Santucci and I are in Bermuda we have the corporate infrastructure inplace with two contacts in West Africa now. Please feel free to contact either Dr. Santucci or myself through my email address . Blessings and best Wishes to you

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2001

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