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Hello all

Does anyone have any experience in washing large (16"x48" and 12"x36") ilfochrome panoramic prints after being processed from a CAP40? My concern is by the time the end of the print emegers form the processor the fixer will be well and truly dry, and may either be damaging to the print quality or too hard to remove when washing. Perhaps someone out there has an idea or experince in washing the print progressively as it emegres from a processor such as this?????

Thanks for any info you can provide.

-- Phil Brammer (, October 29, 2001


Phil, I use the CAP40 for RA4 printing and I usually have a tray filled with water at the end. As the print comes out, it just rolls into the water tray. This way, it gets progressively washed. I'm not sure if this helps you out.


-- dave (, October 30, 2001.

The idea of a tray filled with water to receive the sheet is good. Then to wash it, If you have a shower tub in your lab, you could make a stratified formica board # 5mm that you can use slightly inclined in the shower tub. Have your D.I.Y store cut some small pieces as well to make the edges (glued with silicon sealant) so that the water doesn't spill everywhere, and use the shower handle to rinse the print thoroughly, not forgetting to let water run behind the foil too. You simply need to hold the upper side of the foil while washing the back side. I then used a rubber squeeze to remove all the drops of water, and let the Ilfochrome sheet dry flat on some aerated plastic net. Be aware that a long wash can change the colors of the print slightly and make it shift from your test strip. The shift is generally from green towards magenta.

-- Paul Schilliger (, October 30, 2001.

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