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I have read several recent postings regarding lighting/monolights, and have noted opinions on brands. I am curious if anyone has used or might offer 1st hand knowledge of the Britek brand monolights?

-- Matt O. (, October 29, 2001


Hi, I have owned and used several Britek monolights. They are ideal for small set ups. They are probably underpowered for a large studio or where you need large area coverage. For the money if you don't need one of the big power lights they are nice to work with. Understand they are cheaper and have more plastic parts which you have to baby to keep in one piece. I used the ones I had for a couple of years and then sold the set on ebay for about what I paid for them so not a bad value for the money. Hope this helps. Doug

-- Doug Theall (, October 29, 2001.

Thanks Doug. My need is for general purpose strobes for portraits (headshots/ half-figure and closer), so I don't really need "space-filling" light. In this application, what in your opinion, should I look for in guide#s?

-- Matt O. (, October 30, 2001.

i own 3 of the pro 500 heads and love theme I shoot weddings family portraits, head shots and they work great, nothing better for the money in my book

-- Charlie Gabaldon (, December 02, 2001.

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