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Last week I had an interesting conversation with our Director of Evangelism and I would like to share a little of it with you. Our Director of Evangelism is Mexican. She had been praying for a year in 2000 that God would use her in ministry. She thought God had not heard her for he had not immediately answered her prayer. Then one day I called her and tell her I had been praying and God wanted an A.M.E church in Bozeman, Montana. He told me to call her. The rest is history for we are an A.M.E church. Our Director of Evangelism said last week she felt God was using the A.M.E church to show the rest of the world how to come together and defeat racism and that the true church of God would include all people. She went on to ask me if God always does this will our denomination. That is to plant us in places where no one else goes and then welcomes all people when they come through the door. She is RIGHT! God has always used us prophetically, he has always trusted with the tough assignments. I am excited about the movement of the Holy Spirit in our denomination. New and wonderous things are being done for God through the A.M.E church. I really would love to hear from people across the connection. I miss my family in Namibia and South Africa, for the Holy Spirit is definitely working on those two countries. Paul the Apostle tells us to lift one another up in encouragement. To sum it up! LET'S HAVE AN AME PRAISE REPORT. God bless you all, for God loves you so much.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2001

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