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In scene 30, there is one point where smame continuously jumping around one area, scoring a fair amount of points, certainly enough to get more lives, up until he reaches 9,999,990, where the score (and extra lives) stops.

I tend to sit on the fence on this one... it is rather late in the game (there are 32 scenes altogether), but it is rather long and somewhat boring to watch. Any other opinions?

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2001


Did he lose any lives while doing this? How much of the 10 million was a result of this potential leeching?

If this resulted in a massive increase in his points, then probably it would be worth banning this technique to reduce the risk of a massive 10 million points tie on this game - assuming anyone else can get this far and successfully perform this technique.


-- Anonymous, October 29, 2001

He got near 9M of his score there (around 1.1M at that point), and lost many lives. The game doesn't allow more than 6 spare lives at once, but an extra is awarded at every 50,000 (unless at that max 6 lives).

I think N.K is the only other one to have finished the game.

-- Anonymous, October 29, 2001

In that case I suggest Pete should take the necessary steps towards making this a banned technique - does it need a vote?

Cheers, BeeJay.

-- Anonymous, October 30, 2001

to ban a technique on a game - yes - that requires a majority rules vote - lasting seven days from the time the vote was posted.

I don't have to start all votes, anybody can start a vote, and if it gets the majority, it passes and the technique is banned. Just mention the "aye" "nay" bit and when the vote expires.

It's probably better if Barry started the vote anyway because he witnessed the recording. GB9

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001

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