I need a summary of THE TELL-TALE HEART

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I need some help with a summary on The Tell Tale heart, if neone knows a website or can give me a summary i would really appriciate it!

-- Anonymous, October 28, 2001


The best way to find out about this battle of the concious is to read the story and summerize it yourself. Only then will you be able to truly grasp the great depth of writing that Poe had.

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001

Man A Is Trying To Kill Man B, Theres Nothing Wrong With Man B, Its Just His Eye Is Real Anoying, You Might Say Man A Is A Freak, Anywho, Man A Goes Into Man B's Bedroom Every Night To Make A Plan, One Night He Does It, Sneaking In Ever So Slightly, Then, The Man B Gets Up And Perse Ant The Door, Scared Out Of His Mind. Man A Waits For A Few Hours, Standing There, (In The Story) Braging About How Briliant He Is To Stay Standing There. Then, Man A Just Jumps In And Kills Him, Afterwords, He Chops The Body Up And Places Him Under The FloorBords, The Man A Waits Around A Few Days (Why, I Do Not Know) Then Is Talked To By The Cops, The Man Feels All Intelagent, Well, Wouldn't You, The Cops Are Thinking This Guys Dead And They Dont Seem To Be Catching On To You? Then The Man Hears A Thumping Noise, The Bodies Heart, Well, The Man a Opens The Floor Up And Shows The Cops The Body, The End,

Alternetive: I So Agree With That Guy Up There!^ I Did A Today Lingo Summery, ALL FOR YOU But All Ya Needed To Do Was Read The Godang Story, Its POE for Gods Sake, He's The Best Freaking Auther In The Universe, Hey, You'd Get A Lot Betta Sense From I Dont Know... READING IT, Peace, Double D

-- Anonymous, October 31, 2001

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