2.8/80 xenotar?

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what about the 2.8/80 xenotar serial n11385320 image circle ? color rendition.... to use in 6x9 (slides) with movements difference between xemotar and xenar ? thanks

-- dg (sacripant@online.fr), October 28, 2001


Caracteristic of 2.8/80 Xenotar Shutter size : 1 Flange focal distance : 73.5 mm Field diameter at f/22 : 98 mm Filter thread : M49 x 0.75 The Xenotar is a five-element in four groups The Xenar is a four-element in three groups the Xenotar is more contrasty than the Xenar According to Schneider the Xenotar 2.8/80 do not cover 6x9

-- C Schmerber (c.m.Schmerber@wanadoo.fr), October 28, 2001.

I own one(xenotar) that came with my Linhof 2x3 tech v. I love it....great color as well as B&W...a certain beauty to this lens rendition...very balanced....not a huge image circle, but enough for most stuff...I was told it was meant for 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 but I dont have a problem with 6x9. Only when I put the camera to extreames do it's limitations show up....and its bright at 2.8! Slides look great...tropical flower closeups with Velvia to die for!Reminds me of Rollie quality but smoother than the Zeiss Planer because it's in 6x9 format. Good luck with it!

-- Emile de Leon (knightpeople@msn.com), October 28, 2001.

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