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I am doing pretty good this year, and only have a few more things to do and the gift giving part of Christmas will be taken care of. For my 2 yr old, I found a Little Tikes basketball goal for $5, a complete paint set for $2 (5 almost full bottles of paint, 5 brushes and 5 non spill pain cups, plus the case). I also found him a Fisher Price train/road track with cars and a mountain (all the pieces are there) at a yard sale this past Spring for $4 (tag from Toys R Us on the box for $34!). A few little stocking stuffers and he is done.

My Mom is getting 10 old issues of Mother Earth News I got at a yard sale for pennies each. (she is thrilled). I will be making about 10 of those rice heating bags for a lot of the women on our list, and instead of giving cookies, I will make the cookie dough and freeze it in cookie balls so after the holidays, the recipient can make warm homemade cookies. (I can make that now too and save a lot of time later).

There are a few people on our list that are just SO hard to buy for, so we tend to go the gift certificate route with them. That keeps us from being too frugal, but I figure if I save a lot on the people who are easy to buy for, it sort of all evens out.

How are you all coming along??

-- Amy (, October 27, 2001



-- Cathy N. (, October 27, 2001.

I find if I think about it early, I can find things for my craft projects on sale, or get presents at yard sales in the Spring. While I am NOT a fan of the winter time, Christmas is much more fun for me if I am prepared. I also have to ship a lot of things, so I try to get all of my gift buying done early!

-- Amy (, October 27, 2001.

I am almost done with christmas. I have to start early because we have a very large family with lots of children who expect gifts. This year my son is getting new chaps,vest,boots and school things. Most of everyone else's is homemade. Quilts, aprons, bathsalts, soaps, placemats,shaws,scrapbooks and cookies in a jar. The men are who I am having problems with,my dad and brother inlaw. Anyone have any manly ideas?You men out there I need some ideas.

-- Micheale from SE Kansas (, October 27, 2001.

For men, these aren't exciting gifts, but many useful things are appreciated. Like: socks, hankeys, plain t-shirts, flannel shirts, basket of nuts and candies, screwdrivers, work gloves, wallet, watch. I can purchase all of these things locally for less than $10 and most for less than $5. While they may seem boring they are always useful. How about a magazine subscription? or something for a hobby like fishing supplies, golf balls, camo hat, tickets to a sports event.

-- Melissa (, October 27, 2001.

Amy-my son got one of those Fisher price train sets when he was lttle and he LOVED it. I'm in Christmas Mode big-time now and we hope to give mostly handmade things- My sister is getting married late winter, but I'm jumping ahead and giving both a Christmas and housewarming gift-a knitted afghan for both of them-I splurge on the yarn the other day when I was having a mojor crisis day, but it didn't cost nearly as much as I had thougt. I'm knitting a open poncho for my mother in law-she has a terrible time getting into her coat and this would be something much easier to put on-she just goes from house to car and dosn't really need a heavy coat (most days) anyway. Nephews and nieces are getting colorful rainbow scarves and hats with a tiny toy inside-a $2.oo car or doll. I have tons of yarn already for this. I know this wouldn't work for some of you, but my husband likes to homebrew beer so we're giving that to male relatives who have everything-we already have supplies and ingredients for that, plus first batch under way. My kind of picky sister in law is getting a REAL MOHAIR scarf (I found the yarn at the thrift store for an unbeliavable 15 cents a skein-but we wont tell her that! A quilted purse for my Mom, and Folkwear shirt for my other sister- not made yet, but I have the pattern/material. I found the sweetest pattern for crochet angels so I'm making up lots for teachers, club co-members etc. plus crocheted snowmen and trees. I've already started on these-they are fun and easy and really pretty.-My I have lots to do! But I work pretty fast and fortantly, I have most materials already plus I've already bought a couple of things for my kids-books and puzzles. Its going to be way cheaper than last year and better too I think.

-- kelly in Ky (, October 27, 2001.

A cute gag gift for men. Redneck potpourri. Simply fill a baggie with enpty chew cans, used shells, empty cigarette packages, beer bottle caps and whatever else you think of.

-- Barb Fischer (, October 27, 2001.

I make tree ornaments for our nieces and nephews every year. I haven't even begun THINKING about Christmas. Maybe now that the weather is turning cold I'll get myself in gear!

-- Jo (, October 27, 2001.

This year we are doing a gift exchange with the family. The limit is $10 per person, and I am glad because this wiil save me a lot of money! I have about 1/2 of this shopping done. For the kids I will fill their stockings with candy, little toys, school supplies, shampoo, scented soaps and things like this. I also buy several games and a few good movies as a group gift. Then each one will get 3 gifts each. I have some of this done as well. I try to pick up a thing or two each time I am in the stores. I asked Brady what he wanted for some of his big gifts the other day. His reply? Bungee cords... Wonder what he will do with them, jump off the roof and try to catch himself. I don't know if I want to find out!!!!

-- Melissa (, October 27, 2001.

Melissa~ Did Brady see the movie Tomb Raider? In it Laura Croft has bungee cords that are connected to her roof and then to a harness that she wears. She jumps around her whole house in this thing and does cool flips in the air. Of course, her house is a HUGE mansion, so there is lots of room. We saw one at the county fair, with two long bungees hooked to the top of a metal frame. The kids could jump around and if you were really good, do flips. Their lines were long and they charged $5 for about 3 minutes!

-- Ivy in NW AR (, October 27, 2001.

No way is Brady seeing that movie!!!!!!!!!! I mean really, bungee cords for his BIG Christmas gift????? He has simple tastes for sure. I thought maybe he would want a new bike or something like that. I did get him a few packages of them though, but I will probably put them in his stocking!

-- Melissa (, October 28, 2001.

Bungee cords are a boy thing. One year my son wanted duct tape!!

-- DW (, October 28, 2001.

My husband wants bungee cords for christmas-I guess it is a guy thing. I bought him nylon rope last year and he was happy. He asked what I wanted and I said yarn and he looked at me like I was nuts.

-- Kelly in Ky (, October 29, 2001.

Well part of our family have already done Christmas. We all get together and celebrate all holidays in October. Last year Santa Mrs. Claus and about thirty of there elves blocked off my street and brought food clothes and toys for the kids. It was a surprise. We had 275 presents under the tree last year. This year I think I am going to go simple and get each child four presents. Marques wants a bike, Jalynn wants anything barbie or the color red and Journey is happy with just about anything.

-- mindy (, October 29, 2001.

Since I finally let it sink through my head that "Jesus is the reason for the season"....I have an much simplier holiday. I simply ask the Lord what He wants for his gifts? He always directs me to lots of fun and wonderful things! Last year, we sang carols at the mall while collecting money for the salvation army. We passed out coats and blankets to the street people. We did dinner baskets, meals on wheels, and christmas dinner at the salvation army. My family and I have taken the stress out of Christmas by putting Christ back in it. On January 6th, we exchange gifts for the end of the year, and out of love for one another. This is usually one gift, usually handmade, and doesn't leave the "birthday Boy" out of His big day. The birthdays are our "big gift" times for the kids, where they get their bikes and such. In His Grace, Sissy

-- Sissy Sylvester-Barth (, October 29, 2001.

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