What is gliding?

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What is gliding?

-- Soeren Mortensen (shm@it-c.dk), October 27, 2001


Gliding is the art of how to fly an airplane without an engine. A Glider is usually dragged into the air by another airplane or by a wire (which is pulled by an engine on the ground). The glider uses its big winges to glide through the air and by doing that it looses only a bit of altitude compared to enginedriven airplanes. To stay aloft the pilot searches for thermals using the gliders long range. When a 'bobble' is found he tries to centre in it so that he uses its vertikal lift to the fullest. By flying from bobble to bobble the pilot can stay aloft for many hours and fly many miles. That's what makes gliding sush an exiting sport. And it's at the same time an ernormous challenge wiht a lot of things to keep in mind and control before you become a good glider pilot. Good luck!

-- Soeren Mortensen (shm@it-c.dk), October 27, 2001.

Men svæveflyvning er meget mere end det. Bare tænk på alt det sociale man har ved siden af og de mange timer amn kan bruge sammen med ligesindede...

-- Søren Mortensen (shm@it-c.dk), March 10, 2002.

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