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This week I happened to be out shopping 3 different times! This is unusual for me, but I had some extra money and was stocking up here and there. I was in a total of about 7 differnt stores, and I had to stand in line at most of them. I am a patient person and I don't complain when I have to wait.

But my goodness, the whining people I was in line with!!!! Even if there were only 3 people in front of them, you would have thought they were late for performing surgery or something.


But I don't, I usually just smile, make some pleasant comment, let them in front of me if they have a few things and I think they are going to have a heart attack waiting!

Try to be pleasant while you are waitng in line. There are many worse things that could happen to you. By staying positive in just this little thing, you can positivley affect the lives of others you don't even know!!!

-- Melissa (, October 27, 2001


When I lived in the city it was inevitable that I'd have a 5-10 min wait in the grocery store line. I always brought a magazine or my calendar to make lists of things I needed to do. Good time to clean out my purse.

-- Ann Markson (, October 27, 2001.

Standing in line is supposed to be a good time to do you workout. Calf exercise-stand on toes, up and down, several times, wrists- bend each wrist up and down, gluteal squeeze- well you know.

-- Cindy (S.E.IN) (, October 27, 2001.

If you really want to watch people go ballistic, step back and offer to let the elderly lady or gentleman (who's standing there waiting patiently while all the healthy ones are whining) go in front of you. VBG The elderly person is usually SO grateful, and the ones behind you really lose it. :)

-- Lenette (, October 27, 2001.

Hello Melissa, Funny, I could never understand why people would complain about standing in line a a grocery check out. When I worked at Disney World no one complained about waiting two hours to get on the Dumbo Ride. They would pay fifty dollars a person to get into the park, spend six dollars for a milk shake and ten dollars for a hamburger but, were happy and content to stand two hours in line just so their kids could ride on Dumbo for 2 minutes! Go figure! Sincerely, Ernest

-- (, October 27, 2001.

I never could understand Disney land!

I was shopping this morning in a small store when two women came in and argued with each other about EVERYTHING! I thought they would come to blows over buying cat food! Of course, you could hear them all over the store. I felt really uncomfortable listening to other's argue and bicker-you know, there is so much going on now, it seems mean to make others listen to their unhappiness. I wanted to say "If you can't behave in public, GO HOME!"

-- Kelly in Ky (, October 27, 2001.

I usually don't mind standing in line. What really gets me is when there are 20 checkout lines, only 4 are open and employees are standing around gabbing.

-- Jo (, October 27, 2001.

Melissa: I enjoyed your item of standing in line, after spending over 22 in the military I have had my share of standing line.. The pay line, the chow line, in line for planes, in line for getting shots and yes for getting grocerys in the commissary and PX.. Some people just don't know the meaning of patience..But sooner or later they will find it...Thanks

-- Bob (se ohio) (, October 28, 2001.

Hi Bob, glad to see you posting!

-- Melissa (, October 28, 2001.

I would LOVE to be able to stand in a line at all! Although I can find many blessings from not being able to walk anymore, those who can still do so should enjoy every single minute of it, in or out of can carry your own things, walk in the woods on a lovely day, put on your own shoes and socks, stroll on the beach, walk while holding a child's hand in yours....oh, so many things to be thankful for!!!!!!!! I am thankful as well because there are so many folks who cannot even sit in a wheelchair or use a cane.....I can ride along at the supermarket, or in a department store..I can go for a drive with my husband and see all the beautiful Fall colors..YEAH! Besides, I get the best parking spaces LOLOLOL.....Be thankful for whatever God has given you...nothing should be taken for granted because anything could be taken away......

-- lesley (, October 28, 2001.

On Friday I was in line with a large cart of groceries ( 4 kids and various friends here for the weekend, plus some good sales!!) A gentleman came up with probally 20 items in his cart and I motioned for him to go ahead of me. He just couldn't believe it, he thanked me then and again before he left the store. Odd how a small act of kindness was so unexpected. I know it didn't delay my checkout but a few minutes and I felt good all day, when I thought how simple it was to let him go first! Denise

-- Denise K. (, October 29, 2001.

Hi denise! I love to do this too! Common courtesy is just not so common these days. I hope and pray I am never too busy to be kind! When I am at Aldi's you have to put a quarter in the buggy to unhook the chain, and a lot of the time I just give the buggy to someone who doesn't have the right change and tell them to pass it on!!

-- Melissa (, October 29, 2001.

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