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I might as well post asking for hen's teeth, but here goes. If anybody knows, I suppose it would be here...Just bought a Carbon Infinity (see my previous post and brief review) and am finding it very nice for field and studio use, plus a real beauty to look at. To take full advantage of the generous monorail movements, I will need a bag bellows, which they did make. I know I could have one made, and then fitted by Grimes to some sort of adapter, etc. etc., but I'd prefer to avoid the hassle and the $. Anybody know where I might even begin to look for such a beast? Ken Hansen, which has a few CIs (rapidly selling out), is no help, nor is the current seller of a CI on eBay. Thanks for any thoughts. Pls feel free to email me directly if you wish to keep the web site free of any commercial taint!


-- Nathan Congdon (, October 26, 2001


Try Samys Camera in LA and Photo Gizzmmo in NYC,

They both had new cameras

-- Bob Salomon (, October 27, 2001.

Nathan, If you don't have any luck, you might try a UK company "Camera Bellows".They make replacement bellows for cameras and enlargers, make the lens hoods for Lee Filters and I seem to remember reading somewhere the bellows for Canham(??). They would probably be able to help! The address I have for them is Units 3-5, St Paul's Road, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, B12 8NG. Tel 0121 440 1695, fax 0121 440 0972. Regards Paul

-- paul owen (, October 27, 2001.

Absolutely try camera bellows. they probably made the bellows for the Carbon Infinity in the first place. One potential problem is that you'll need a set of bellows frames to attach the bellows to. on e possibility (no idea of how much they charge) is to see if they can make up a "universal bellows that works the same way as the bellows they make for the Canhma DLC and MQC cameras that will work for wide angle, normal, and long extentions. (the Canham bellows for the DLC goes from about 55mm to over 500 mm. and with full movements fror virtually all of that range.

-- Ellis Vener Photography (, October 27, 2001.

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