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Ok Im trying to put my homemade moves onto Vcd but everytime I try that I get a no dick error on my DVD Player.It says it can read cdrs and cdrws.So I go back to the nero faqs and it says it suppopoosed to be in a certin directory for my reader to read but it still does not work.does any one know of any other programs that will put my Vcds on a disk so that they will work.Or does any one know how to use this nero thingy?Thanks alot

-- Big Mel (, October 26, 2001


Mel, It sounds like you have a lot to learn try these websites for help. (look in their forums for help)

Is the DVD player you mention, a 'set-top' player? If it is, I can assure you it wont play discs because it isnt REGION -FREE, it needs 'modifying' to accept any and all discs, whether they are DVD's CD-R, CD-RW, original VCD's etc.

Hope this helps,


-- Andy (, October 26, 2001.

That's not quite true - a Playstation 1 needs chipping to be region free before it will play VCD's, but I have a region 2 locked Pioneer 525, and it plays VCD's and SVCD's (made by Nero 5.5) all the time. Do check out the vcdhelper site - it tells you more about your player than the manufacturers let on.

-- ian (, October 29, 2001.

Welcome to the club! I've had similar experiences. What I've found that works well with Nero is:

1. Set the option to enforce the VCD standard

VCD is a very picky format.

2. Do not use the menu option in Nero

3. Experiment with the CD-i option. It will depend on your discplayer, so try both ways.

I've created many coasters with Nero trying out different options and combinations. Hope this helps.

-- William Ramos (, October 31, 2001.

Quote: "I get a no dick error on my DVD Player"

--Sounds like a personal problem to me... :-D

-- Runny Stools (, November 08, 2001.

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