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I am planning to use Jobo tank to develop my 4x5 film without using the CPE-2. I am intending to just roll the tank on a container with temprature controlled water.

Anybody been using this setup ? Any advantages, disadvantages ?



-- Delfino L. Tiongco (, October 26, 2001


I use it and really like it.

I only do 4 sheets of film at a time and use 1000 ml of chemistry. I could probably do 6 sheets, but I've never tried it. When you use 1 liter of chemistry, you need to have the top plugged. In the tanks used without the lift, they should come with a top. I use a tank designed for a lift (found it used with the reel for $25 and couldn't turn it down) and got a rubber stopper from my lab.

You should consider using the plastic thingies that fit on the reel to keep your film from sliding around. Without them, the emulsion on the edges of the film can get scraped off by the little bumps on the reel that help to hold the film in the tracks. If you don't have the plastic thingies, then just turn the tank slowly.

I roll forward 10 seconds, backward 10 seconds, then do a couple of inversions and slap the bottom. I do the rolling in a 68 degree water bath.

A friend of mine who teaches LF at the local community colleges says this gives him the best development of any tank system he has used. YMMV.


-- Dave Willis (, October 26, 2001.

The system you describe will work. If you use the 2509 system, you can develop more than 4 sheets at a time. You can motorize the system by using a uniroller. i use that with the 2500 drum/reels and with an expert drum, and get excellent results . Bob

-- Bob Moulton (, October 26, 2001.

Thanks for the answers. This will help me a lot. I am getting tired of developing in complete darkness (o:


-- Delfino L. Tiongco (, October 26, 2001.

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